Generalissimo Franco is still dead


25 Lower Cross Road

25 Lower Cross Road, Conyers Farm, remains atop most expensive homes list in the country

The estate has moved up since September 2015 when it landed at number five on a similar list compiled by Business Insider.

As prices drop on these huge homes, those below them move up on the list. That doesn’t necessarily improve their chances of selling.

That said, it’s an amazing property. I haven’t seen it since Thomas Petterffy renovated it after  buying it for $45 million for it in 2004, but I’m sure he did wonderful things with it.

But the market for this style house, in this location, at this price, is limited, and the property may very well keep its place atop the list for a long time.


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6 responses to “Generalissimo Franco is still dead

  1. James

    Sorry but why is this property so great? The land? There are a dozen similar properties for sale for $10MM right down the street. I mean you could buy the Trump estate for full price and save $11MM and be right on the water…

  2. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    Tangentially on topic, Spain was a decent place to live under Franco, even though the lefties were constantly a’wailing about this or that. One could walk in the streets till and through the wee hours with nary a worry. Wouldn’t try that today.

  3. Anonymous

    Back in the 90s, the rumor was that TP kept a flop house for programmers that worked for him. He brought them in from eastern Europe and if they quit or he fired them, he’d deport them. It was a little like slave labor. It gave him a cheap talent pool to build his business back when there was a limited supply of talent. I’m told it’s just as enjoyable working for him now.

  4. Anon

    This is a billionaire’s or centi-millionaire’s house but the problem is they’re all moving to Fla. True!

  5. bog0017

    Re: anon at 7:50
    Not true. Tp ‘s programmers from the 90’ are very well off today.
    The guy is for real. Read “automate this”