I’m astonished it lasted there as long as it did


In an unposed photo, Mrs. Elsie Stillman Rockefeller picks out a rake for Hubby to use in his chores

Greenwich Hardware is moving off the Avenue to 205 Railroad Ave.  Nice people and a useful store, but paying Avenue rents must have stopped making economic sense long ago; or they were locked into a great rental that’s now expired, but either way, time to go.

The new location, with free parking, should be more convenient, so I hope the store continues to prosper.



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17 responses to “I’m astonished it lasted there as long as it did

  1. Cos Cobber

    I use the store with some frequency. Love the Cobra quote about Gwich Hardware having a cover charge – always chuckle to myself thinking of that.

    The quaint fun of buying yard gloves, a shovel and a box of screws and then ducking into Saks to find your wife is over. What a shame. The last of the Gwich Ave imperfections melt away.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s progress 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I remember when they had the top floor that opened onto the Avenue as well. That wasn’t so long ago.

  4. Their store in Banksville was a hot mess – lousy service if you were lucky enough to find someone to deign to speak with you, things out back were stacked high in a pile of rust – we got overcharged at least twice – the only plus was the easy parking and they had propane tank refills.

    On MVY, last year Edgartown Hardware moved off Main Street from a space they had since 1946 to a old car dealership about a half mile out of town. Same reasons as GH – lots of parking, more affordable rent. Long gone are the days when the PO, hardware store, grocery store, and cobbler were all in a row.

  5. Anonymous

    Too bad. I like being able to walk to a grocery store, hardware store, dry cleaners, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, and coffee shops from my house downtown. It always makes me laugh when people extol “walkable” Riverside and OG. Strike one off of that list.

    • You don’t get it, do you? “Walkable” in Riverside means having a nice place to stroll while the help shops and prepares your meals. It’s not about actually going to a store, silly.

  6. Just the Facts!

    Pure economic decision. And the owner of the building, Trey Kelsey, is also the owner of Greenwich Hardware (both the former in Banksville/Post Road and the one moving to Railroad Ave). The stores were a total mess and you could never find anything. Guess what’s moving in….go figure, a 50 station nail salon…a personal hygiene mega emporium. Kelsey got a better offer and he pulled this Greenwich icon. It will be a million renovation as they plan dig down (careful what they find in this Town) for higher ceilings. If you need to quench your thirst for quality hardware stores….visit Port Chester – Berger Ace Hardware (Old Feinsod) or Wallaeur’s (formerly paint, now paint and hardware). JTF!

    • JTF seems you are a JAJ Just A JERK
      Trey & Family Wonderful People….seems Westchester is a better spot for you….just the facts,,,,

      • Peter – The family may be wonderful but I’ll agree with JTF – the stores were a MESS. Did you ever step into the one in Banksville? It was a freaking disaster. Nice doesn’t mean they run a good business.

        • CatoRenasci

          I’m with you. When we first came to Greenwich over 30 years ago, GH was a great place to shop, with knowledgeable help. As was Sterling Watts (now Feinsods) in Old Greenwich. GH has deteriorated greatly over the past 20-odd years, though I do wish them well off the Avenue. I seem to recall that the help changed dramatically some years ago (around the time the gave up the upper floor) – so much so that I thought that the ownership, or at least the management, had changed. We stopped going there a while after that when we couldn’t find what we were looking for and the help couldn’t either.

    • Anonymous

      Feinsod’s is infinitely better than the GH location on the avenue. Clean, organized, fair prices, great service.

      The GH location on the avenue was sheer chaos. For years.

  7. Rickster

    Structural changes too. People are adapting to the borrowing culture for everything. Uber for cars, AirBnB for lodging, Wheelborrow for tools/equipment, etc.

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re correct up to a point, but the idea that a tool-sharing site is heavily used by millenials in this town made me chuckle. Most of them can’t – or won’t – even hammer a nail.

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t know the owners, but the hardware store business has changed a lot in the last 40 years. It used to be that the proprietor knew every piece of hardware, down to the tiniest screw, and it’s location by heart. Today few people have the knowledge or the patience to run an old-fashioned hardware store.

  9. Just the Facts!

    Sorry you disagree, Mr. Alexander. Facts are facts. I too like the Kelseys as my family rode horses with them for years. And your point I should move is unwarranted. I grew up in CT and any self-respecting Yankee knows it shouldn’t take an hour and a half at the local hardware store to find a 7/32 hex wrench and T-15 star bit….like I did a few weeks ago. JTF!