New spec house on Ledge Road


2 Ledge Road, Old Greenwich

2 Ledge Road, Old Greenwich, asking $5.495 million. It’s “FEMA compliant”, so there’s no basement, but the 1/2-acre lot still allowed for more than 6,000 sq. feet to be built. Seems like a lot to pay, but this builder wasn’t the only one who saw potential – he paid $1.8 for the land in 2014, in a bidding war.


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9 responses to “New spec house on Ledge Road

  1. Reasonable Richi

    Paid fair value for the land but is likely overvaluing the finished product.

  2. housecat

    Gehry’s gotten to the point where he just designs the same building over and over.

  3. CT2CA

    6 Bedrooms and no Living Room? Just one Family/Kitchen Combo and no other place to hang out, entertain guests, watch TV……for $5.5MM? Really? Looks like it will be an attractive house but why such a disproportionate ratio of living:sleeping spaces?

    Might be a good plan for a B&B, a dorm….or a whorehouse. 🙂

  4. anonomous pls

    chris…your blog is the best…maybe you can run for office for something and change the real estate market and other things….I agree with all the comments re clapboard ridge. the sellers really don’t believe prices at all and too many agents just take the listing and have no regard for the money the company spends or the waste of time for all involved