If that’s the standard, I’d like to see all movie goers under 60 banned, and every Manhattan resident of any age

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I’m in the third row, Chief, and you wouldn’t believe what that Andress babe looks like in a  bikini

Movie chain bans children under 6 from attending R-17 movies after 6:00 PM “because they’re annoying”. 

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has had to enforce a ban on children under the age of 6 being admitted to R-rated films beginning after 6PM, since increasing numbers of parents are towing them along to watch all their ultra-violent, F-bomb laden favourites.

Yet, this isn’t apparently for the benefit of those children, but entirely for the adults who are sick and tired of all the incoherent screaming happening during their screenings of American Sniper or Kingsman: Secret Service. As Drafthouse owner Tim League told The Hollywood Reporter; “We tried to determine at what age a kid can behave themselves and not blurt out the first thing in their heads.”


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9 responses to “If that’s the standard, I’d like to see all movie goers under 60 banned, and every Manhattan resident of any age

    • Anonymous

      All of our politically correct left liberal democrats are relieved. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade co-ops the Irish Culture. It is the same as throwing a party with Sombreros, which is enough to get you in big trouble at most colleges.

    • Walt

      Dude –

      What’s the difference between St. Patrick’s Day and Martin Luther King Day?
      On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wants to be Irish!!

      Your Pal,

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry….. My grandparents always said ” Children are to be seen and NOT heard “. I could not agree more… I get so sick of these indulgent parents trying to reason with these brats,,, And these new grandparents are just as bad….Of course any dull normal rug rat is gifted and creative… I long for the days when they were cared for by a ” nanny” and kept out of my cocktail hour.

  2. The Alamo Drafthouse has experience dealing with ‘children’ of all ages:

  3. New Buyer

    I love this rule. It’s just sad that common sense needs to be codified. Kids at evening movies is a big problem in NYC. Adult parents don’t bring grumpy, tired toddlers to 7 pm & 9 pm R rated movies. They have put the kids to bed already. However, it is not uncommon for teen parents to take their toddlers everywhere at all hours. They are kids themselves & want a social life. Most lack the common sense and discipline to stay home and live up to their new responsibility. So a small group of teens will go to the movies and several of them will have their baby or two-year-old in tow. No one blames the babies for crying; they expect it to happen. But after paying for a sitter, two $15 tickets and an overpriced box on popcorn, most adults just want to chill out and watch a movie in silence.