Will it fit in my mouth?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 8.58.42 AM

Is it bigger than a bread box?

Punch line to a joke that’s unsuitable for posting here, but if you know it, then you’ll appreciate the photo.

Or not; I do.


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17 responses to “Will it fit in my mouth?

  1. Anonymous

    I have size 13 feet and they fit in my mouth every time…

  2. True story: I have this post open on my laptop. One of my boys popped over to grab something from the garage then came inside for a quick hi ma. He walked by the laptop saw the headline and photo, broke out laughing hysterically, looked at me strangely, and left, still laughing. I guess HE knows the joke. I do not and I think it’s best it stays that way. 🙂

  3. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    Pair the two phrases together and the answer comes up pretty high in Google results.

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    I KNOW THE ANSWER!! And speaking of black!

    What is black and screams?
    Stevie Wonder answering the iron.

    Your Pal,

  5. I don’t get it…