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I’m 3.5% Neanderthal, according to my DNA, so I guess I’m lucky I was allowed to stay with the Fountains


Back to the res along The Trail of Tears: Andrew Jackson had nothing on current Indians’ cruelty

6-year-old girl who is 1.5% Choctaw is being forcibly removed from her adoptive parents and given to a new foster home.

Six-year-old Lexi has only ever know Summer and Rusty Page as her parents.

But any day now the Santa Clara, California, child could be legally ripped from her loving foster home despite Rusty and Page’s fight to keep her with them.

Lexi is one-and-a-half per cent Choctaw Native American.

Because of the ‘Indian Child Welfare Act’ – a federal law passed in the 1970’s aimed to protect the best interests of Native American children – she must live with Native American parents.

Now, Summer and Rusty [Page] are fighting to keep the child they have tried for more than two years to adopt with them.

‘Lexi doesn’t know another home. She finally knows what mom and dad means and they want to take that away from her. and we can’t stand idly by while that happens,’ Rusty told Fox 11.

Summer and Rusty also have a nine-year-old, another six-year-old and a two-year-old. Lexi is the family’s only foster child.

‘This little girl, we are her home. This is her family and that can all be rocked tomorrow,’ Summer said.

The Page family took the case to court, but their most recent emergency stay was lifted.

Department of Children and Family Services agents were expected to take Lexi from her home at 10am on Sunday but postponed after a large group of protesters took a stand against her removal.

The family is under ‘specific orders’ not to tell Lexi or their other children what is happening.

‘As a grandmother, it’s ripping my heart. It’s ripping me apart to see Lexi has been a part of our family for almost five years, and she’s not going to understand what’s going on.

‘The children are not going to understand the separation. This is going to destroy these children,’ Tari Kelly, Lexi’s foster grandmother, told ABC 7.

In a statement, the tribe said it wants what is best for the child [hahahahah].

The tribe’s values of faith, family and culture are what makes our tribal identity so important to us. *

‘Therefore we will continue to work to maintain these values and work toward the long-term best interest of this child,’ it said.

The Pages said they have not been told when Child and Family Services will be arriving to take Lexi, but believe the agents want to do the removal away from the eyes of the media and the community, according to ABC 7.

*Here’s the Choctaw culture Lexi’s 1.5% dna is condemning her to join:

  • About 23% of those living in the Choctaw Nation live below the poverty line – 7 points higher than the national average. In some communities the poverty rate balloons to around 50%. Many children here are impoverished, living in homes without running water. In McCurtain County alone, which has among the highest population of Choctaw, about 34% of the children live in poverty. The teen pregnancy rate is nearly twice the national average, higher than all other races combined. The STD rate is nearly quadruple the national average, according to youth outreach workers. And almost one-fourth of area students are enrolled in special education programs.
  • UPDATE: It occurs to me that Progressives are the cruelest people in our country. Remember how Janet Reno dealt with a similar situation? 

  • AP_elian_gonzales_raid_01_jef_150421_4x3_992

    Off to Havana! Elian Gonzales goes on a road trip, courtesy of the US government


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And 200 dissidents were just rounded up and jailed today

The. Worst. President. Ever.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 7.45.39 PM.png


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There’s no Toyota factory in Maine. Nor an oil refinery or oil well to run any kind of car at all

With a Bernie Sanders sticker in the rear

Idiot Mobile

Idiot mobile spotted Portland


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Out on a limb


Journalist gear

AP: Scalia’s death could affect politically tinged cases

I hope this guy and his editor are paid no more than the average adjunct professor


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Finally, a real-life learning experience for the snowflakes

Student protest tuition hike

Speaking truth to power: UCLA students tell their adjunct professors where to put their demands

Their adjunct professors are seeking “fair treatment” and if they win, the cost to universities will soar, jobs will be lost 

A recent study found that U.S. universities’ costs could increase to a total of $24 billion from $4.3 billion for courses currently taught by adjuncts, if union targets for higher pay are met, according to a paper co-authored by Georgetown University business school professor Jason Brennan.

In addition, the consolidation of courses to provide “good jobs,” meaning a full-time courseload and benefits to adjuncts, would mean that roughly 500,000 part-time adjunct positions would be lost, or about two-thirds of the 750,000 now in existence.

“The money is going to have to come from somewhere, there will be some uncomfortable trade-offs,” Mr. Brennan said in an interview.

These adjuncts are the same people manning picket lines outside McDonalds (in fact, they’re represented by the same union), so they already have had an opportunity to learn economics, an opportunity they shunned. Here’s another class, right in their face.

I’m predicting that their students will simply refuse to acknowledge the necessity of choosing between justice for union workers and paying higher tuition (the caption to the picture above is meant to be ironic). “Imagine there’s no money, man,” Yale freshman Cornelius Hudson Heinemann told FWIW, “I wonder if you can. This is all the Koch brothers’ fault, and they should pay.”


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I’ll be turning on all my lights tonight to celebrate technology and civilization: I’ve been making a point of doing so since this started

1,000 candles

Buddha says, “better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness, but better still, light a thousand, and tell the Luddites to go fuck themselves”

Nice round up of the idiocy and fearful implications of “lights out night” over at InstaPundit.

WHEN ANTI-MODERNISTS COLLIDE: Swedish City Cancels “Earth Hour” Without Lights, Electricity Because Of Rape Risk.

As military historian Mackubin Thomas Owens wrote in September of 2002, “9/11 revealed an emerging geopolitical reality: that the world’s most important fault line is not between the rich and the poor, but between those who accept modernity and those who reject it.”

And that’s a perfect description of both Europe’s growing flood of Islamic fundamentalists and the reprimitivist proponents of “Earth Hour.” (A Washington Post headline from October 2010 perfectly squared the circle: “Osama bin Laden embraces his inner Al Gore.”

Related: For those wondering why the left demands its virtue-signaling hour of darkness each year, “Earth Hour’s” backstory can be found here. Found via Tim Blair, who suggests, “In solidarity with our Swedish friends, let’s make this evening’s Hour of Power the brightest yet. Keep the forces of darkness at bay with a fearsome display of household illumination, commencing at 8.30pm. Send your Hour of Power photographs to blairt@dailytelegraph.com.au, and aim to be seen from space.”


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