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And he’s still making it

cheBill Clinton slams Obama’s “awful legacy”.

Clinton made that assessment even before its target wandered around Cuba today, posing in front of a huge Che Guevara billboard and denouncing our own country: Speaking to Raul Castro’s criticism of america, Obama said “I personally would not disagree with him”.  And in the next breath,

“[T]he goal of the human rights dialogue is not for the United States to dictate to Cuba how they should govern themselves, but to make sure that we are having a frank and candid conversation around this issue. And hopefully that we can learn from each other.”

What, exactly, does Obama propose we learn from the Castros about human rights, and when did he decide that our foreign policy no longer includes pressuring dictatorships on human rights violations?


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We’re only no.4, but we’re trying harder!

Malloy Rahm

We’re this close behind you, Rahm, and if you don’t start spending faster, we’ll run past you like you’re standing still

CT debt moves to 4th riskiest, behind only NJ, PA and Il. 

“Yes, we’re still behind,” Dannel Malloy told FWIW, “but this ranking is a personal record for Connecticut, and that success is just spurring us to new efforts. Tomorrow, New Jersey, and next year, watch out, Rahm Emanuel: we’re gunning for you, big guy.”


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And some price cuts

219 Orchard Street

219 Orchard Street

219 Orchard Street, Cos Cob, is down again, and now is asking $2.325 million from the original price of $2.9 million. Purchased new for $2.7 million in 2008. Oops.

10 Wynn Lane

10 Wynn Lane

10 Wynn Lane, down to $2.695 million. Another one purchased in better times, selling for $2.950 million in 2005.

1 Old Forge

11 Old Forge Rd

And 11 Old Forge Road, which was purchased for $1.665 in 2006 and renovated, nicely, ha dropped from $1.975 to $1.650 million.


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Sale price reported

22 Arnold Streert

22 Arnold Street

22 Arnold Street, in Havemeyer, went to contract in February, closed just now, for $1,917,500. Owners bought it new just two years ago for $1.650 an did just about nothing to it, if you want to track price appreciation in this side of town.


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Contracts reported

24 nutmeg

24 Nutmeg Drive

24 Nutmeg Drive (off Sherwood), asking $1.695 million after starting at $1.995 million 209 days ago. Not at all a bad house, but in real life, it’s a lot more tire than its pictures would have you believe. Of course, that’s not an impossible fix, or even necessarily an expensive one. I do wonder what the proper price for Nutmeg is, however. The only recent sale, a much smaller house, also contemporary, went for around $1.250, and I’m pretty sure that was the high for the street. So where does this one land? I’d guess $1.450 wish, but I may be too cautious. We’ll see.

37 byfield

37 Byfield

37 Byfield Lane, $2.395 million ($2.525 originally), 239 days on market. Noting exciting here, but that’s what Byfield fetches and besides, what do you want for just $2 .3 million?

21 Cat rock

21 Cat Rock Rd

21 Cat Rock Road, list at $2.295 million, and gone to contract in just 20 days. It’s a 1995 Scholz modular, which isn’t at all bad, but when it last sold, for $1.550, it was bedraggled and depressing. These owners did a really nice job fixing all that, and it looks like they’ll profit from their labors; good for them.

It’s no accident that all three of these contracts are for homes under $2.5 million; that’s where the action is, and that’s where the inventory is thinnest.

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It’s a constant assault

I don’t want to be smacked in the face when I walk the streets or enter a supermarket, especially by some tech-tching, finger waving scold who tells me I’m an unthinking threat to the world and mankind.

“Rethink” recyclable bags? You rethink:

Reusable bags consume 4 -1 00 times more energy to produce than a plastic bag, and that’s if you never wash them.

But you damn well better wash them, in hot water and disinfectant, after every use, or you’ll die from some horrible disease – on the plus side, then you won’t have to worry about the end of the world coming in the future because, for you, it will have arrived.

But even if the solution to world hunger, poverty, and turmoil in the Middle East is to be found in the employment of 100% hemp recycling food totes, I just want these people to shut up and leave me alone.


Vomit bag



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There are some lawsuits an attorney should never take on contingency


Even Mary explains his client’s lawsuit: “Just imagine his embarrassment and humiliation at being branded a coward. We fight today for his dignity and his heroic stand against the bullies who have shamed him.”

Paris terrorist intends to sue prosecutor for revealing that he chickened out when it was time to join his fellow suicide bombers.

“I was of course ready to join my brothers and sisters in glorious martyrdom”, the young Muslim told FWIW, “but just as I dropped them off, Allah intervened and caused for me to put a little poopie in my pants, and I had to go change. By the time I returned, mostly, the killings it were done, and again Allah spoke to me, and told for me it was to proper to go away, to come back another time. This is the solemn truth – I swear it on the oiled loins of 72 virgins!”


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