Apparently there’s no problem with the $4 + range in Riverside

41 Dawn Harbor

41 Dawn Harbor

41 Dawn Harbor, asked $4.450 million, found a buyer and has gone to contract in 13 days. In fact, this one doesn’t surprise me. It’s a good house on a desirable street that has seen sales well above this, so the buyers can feel pretty comfortable.

UPDATE: Brother Gideon informs me that there was such a line of buyers for this house that bids started at the asking price, and zoomed up from there. You can’t underprice real estate in Greenwich, because the market will correct it. You can certainly overprice it, and the market is even more savage in correcting that.


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17 responses to “Apparently there’s no problem with the $4 + range in Riverside

  1. Reasonable Richi

    You can’t go wrong buying a classic.

  2. James

    that’s what happens when you price a house perfectly

  3. GreenITCH

    so is the reason houses in this price bracket sell the convenience of Riverside to backcountry or is it something more ?

    • The taste for large lots, far from town, has diminished almost to the vanishing point. That may change – tastes do, but for now, the demand for these homes is low, and low demand brings low prices.

  4. A Fan of Ann

    Ann Simpson is great! She is one of the best along with Chris!

  5. Anonymous

    “You can’t underprice real estate in Greenwich”

    If you price your cheap and you get a full asking price offer on day two are you supposed to tell the buyer you need a week to see who else shows up? I agree this is a rather high quality problem having people wanting to buy your home quickly.

    • Yes – you’re perfectly free to accept, reject or sit on any and all offers, as you wish. Real estate commissions are (generally) earned only when title actually passes, so an agent who brings a ready, able and willing buyer to the table with a full-price offer has no claim to a commission until and unless the house is sold to that buyer.
      You probably wouldn’t want to tell such a buyer to cool their jets for a couple of weeks while you see who else might turn up, but if there’s heavy demand for your house, as there was for this one, you’ll know it before the house even hits the market, and so you can feel fairly confident in taking offers under advisement for a couple of days.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for explaining. Definitely would be a quality problem.

      • L Jones

        That is exactly what our broker (Julie Lowe) advised and it worked out perfectly for the sale of our home in Riverside last year!

  6. Riverside Chick

    There were quite a few doomsday posters declaring any home in Riverside over 3 million would sit for years on end. I guess not!

  7. Patrishka

    Too many faces in the back.

  8. Anonymous

    whats up with pictures? looks fake……if its real, it looks like an early ’90’s finish……….tragic!

  9. Mickster

    I couldn’t understand this when I heard about the multiple bids. I figure you’ll need about a mill to update the finishes and basement to bring it into the 21st century. Great to see the activity, tho!