There’s no point in airport security until we accept reality and stop living in a fictional world

As practiced by liberal governments the world over, an 80-year-old woman or a six-year-old white child is as likely to be a muslim suicide bomber as – well,  a Muslim suicide bomber. So enormous amounts of time and attention are paid to protect against a non-existent risk and nothing is done to focus on the actual threat coming down the line.

Muslim bombers

A black glove hiding the suicide vest trigger, Abdul and his cousins stroll into Belgium’s airport, unmolested

And here’s a TSA line up of screening suspects

TSA nun

How droll: muslim searching a nun

Old woman TSA




This woman had had enough, and showed up at the airport dressed like this. I’m all for it, age and body condition permitting.


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8 responses to “There’s no point in airport security until we accept reality and stop living in a fictional world

  1. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    But doing the logical thing would be RAAAAACIST! Can’t have that now can we? And all THAT nonsense was put in place by Shrub & Co. Dog-eater is just keeping with tradition.

  2. Riverside Dog Walker

    I have had to physically restrain myself on the several occasions that my wife and teenage daughter have been randomly (?) selected for additional screening by TSA; pat downs, swabbing shoes, going into some chamber where they squirt air or something. TSA is Kabuki theater, nothing to do with security. If we wanted real security, we would emulate El Al.

  3. Anonymous

    Those governmental agencies exist not to protect us, but, to keep us in check:

  4. Yos

    Chris, any thoughts about a psychological link between “islamophobia” and antisemitism? Seems to me that my leftist brethren may have gone overboard with their hyper-sensitivity to (mostly irrational) anti Jewish behavior. Our present fear of being labeled “anti-muslim” may be a product.

    • Walt

      I think the problem is, people don’t really understand what “Islamophobia” and “Antisemitism” really are. It’s the same with racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and all the other labels now being used merely as a tool to shut down honest questioning or healthy criticism. They are used as blocking words, losing all sense of their true meaning.

      If the Republicans don’t want to nominate Barry’s pick for the Supreme Court, it’s racist. If a white cop shoots a black criminal, it’s racist. If all terrorists are Muslim, and you call for a halt to Syrian refugees, it’s Islamophobia. If you don’t like Cankles, you are a sexist. If you don’t support Israel, you are an anti-Semite. I think the number of people who are actually intolerant of others in this country is quite low. I think the VAST MAJORITY of the people in the USA are actually quite tolerant and accepting of other races, religions, and sexual preference.

      Having said that, I think all immigrants to the USA need to have some semblance of assimilation, and abide by the constitution. Now, I could care less if my next door neighbor was a Jew. I actually think he might be, because he doesn’t come out on Good Friday. But he is a nice enough guy and I like him. But if he was one of the fur cap, black coat wearing Brooklyn scary Jews, I wouldn’t be crazy about it. Does that make me anti-Semitic?

      Same if he was a Slum. I could care less. But if he made his wife dress in a full burka, and walk 10 feet behind him, and rang a prayer bell like a lunatic, I wouldn’t be crazy about that either. Does that make me Islamophobic?

      I wouldn’t like to live next to a bunch of Hari Krishnas either. But I like them. As long as I only see them at the airport. Does that make me anti-krishna?

      I wish them all health, success and happiness. I really do. Even the scary ones. As long as they don’t hurt anyone and leave me alone.

      So acknowledging that the Muslims, as a religion, have a problem, is not, I believe, Islamophobia. It’s a fact. Wanting to kill all Muslims is Islamophobia. Iran calling for death to Israel is antisemitic. Acknowledging they control Hollywood, and the international monetary system is just reality.

      At least that is what I think.