At Business Insider, the headline writers are accurate, even if its reporters are not

Here’s the headline – the reporter seems to have been going for “disgusted” but his editor must have corrected him.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 6.38.32 PM.png


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9 responses to “At Business Insider, the headline writers are accurate, even if its reporters are not

  1. Anonymous

    BI is a crock, why do you keep going to that website to post links?

    Seriously, it has as much credibility in journalism as the national inquirer.

  2. Anonymous

    The National Enquirer has amazingly broken all kinds of true news stories. Except that one about the space alien baby, I don’t think that one was true.

  3. Here we have one more examination into the inner workings of the Trump cavalcade. And what do we learn? That there is no “there” there. No organization, no strategy, no real staff, just Hope Hicks, a pretty face from Greenwich, covering for the Donald’s caprice and improvisation.

    Certainly tells us all we need to know about the nature of a possible Trump general election campaign, or God forbid Presidency.

    If Trump is nominated, how should we vote? Here’s a thought for FWIW readers. In November, Connecticut will inevitably elect the Democrat candidate. Therefore your vote and my vote are useless. The Republican has no chance here. If you are a conservative or libertarian or principled Republican in our state, and you feel that you can’t in good conscience support the juvenile and incompetent candidate from reality-TV, then a vote for a third party or a write-in candidate can actually be productive.

    Under most circumstances, when a Republican-leaning voter chooses a third party candidate, that vote is worse than useless, because the result is a Democratic president. (See Ross Perot and Bill Clinton, 1992). Choosing a third-party candidate is usually a useless vote. But here in Connecticut in 2016, your vote is already useless, so you might as well cast it for someone with principles. Even though the third party or write-in candidate can’t possibly win, your vote will show that there is a reservoir of support for freedom and limited government. And when Trump washes away like a contaminated tide, the party can rebuild faster from that reservoir of principle.

    I may have just convinced myself to vote for whatever write-in candidate emerges on a Trump nomination. What do you think?

  4. Trump is a pirate who is trying to take control of the party of liberty and prosperity. Lots of smart people are trying to defeat the pirate. The Trumpsters or the adults will end up in charge. By voting for a third-party candidate, we are showing defiance to the pirate (without voting for Cankles).

    Perot simply hated GHW Bush. Perot’s campaign was personal, nothing more. It wasn’t a battle of philosophies, like this is today.

    We never feared Perot as a pirate.

    Voting for a conservative third party against Trump sends a message that the Republican voter can be thoughtful, mature and responsible. That is a positive legacy, even in losing.