Crocodile tears


Greenwich, CT: AFSCME and SEIU executives discuss negotiating tactics while relaxing at play

State workers [sic], who already are paid 25-40% more than equivalent workers in the private sector, are screaming that  there should be higher taxes on the rich and Connecticut’s corporation, and no cuts to their own pay. I’m unpersuaded.

In 1991, after, according to the NYT, “four decades of Democratic rule”, Connecticut’s spending was out of control and the budget deficit loomed large. Governor Lowell Weicker, Greenwich’s own Bill Nickerson and the state’s Democrats imposed an income tax on the state, which set the stage for even more spending. Here’s a snapshot of how that spending has soared, and how the state union workers have fared since then:

1991 Budget: $7.6 billion

2015 spending if it matched CPI: $13.34 billion

Actual 2015 Spending: $26.4 billion

Number of state employees 1991: 40,000

Number of state employees 2015: 45,000

State payroll 1991: $2 billion

State payroll, 2015, if it matched CPI: $3.51 billion

Actual State payroll 2015: $6,263,380,026.38 

CT population, 1991: 3.3 million

CT population, 2015: 3.574 million



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28 responses to “Crocodile tears

  1. CatoRenasci

    More than anyone, Bill Nickerson is to blame, because without his vote, the income tax would not have passed, the other Republicans firm against it.

    You expected the Democrats to support the income tax.

    And, of course Lowell Weicker had a significant generally unknown personal interest in replacing the 10% dividends and interest only income tax with a 4% general income tax: as an heir to the Squibb fortune, Weicker’s personal income was almost entirely from dividends (other than his public pay). The income tax that hit all working Connecticut was actually a massive cut in Weicker’s personal state taxes.

  2. weakleyhollow

    The voters must be getting what they want, or they would not be voting for the Bozos who are in office.

  3. Stung

    Then you’ll find your servant is your master – Sting

  4. Anonymous

    Our state employees, mostly card carrying Democrats, know what a S**t show the Democratic party is and what it has done to the business environment in Connecticut. Most know that they are over paid and it is difficult to get a job in the private sector at any salary, thanks to Democratic policies, in the event they are laid off. Of course their battle cry is to tax the wealthy even more, even when they know that they are tax sensitive (think GE). It is almost like Custer’s last stand for them. The rest are just naïve as they continue to drink the Democratic cool aid. I am outta this state when the time comes. If you think that I am staying in this state into my old age, you are mistaken. Some other state is going to get my tax dollars and the taxes on my estate. This is what happens when our folks in Hartford and our state union workers get greedy.

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    If any business was run like Connecticut’s government, the management team would be fired. Dannel is steering us to bankruptcy. It is a mathematical certainty. They are a bunch of incompetent, vote buying feather bedders, who throw money at the Unions to get elected. They could care less about the State or the people they are meant to represent. It is reprehensible.

    Public service unions need to be abolished. It is just block voting people taxpayer money. Most of them are no skill jobs that anyone can do. Fire them all, like Reagan did to the air traffic controllers, and start to build an efficient cost effective government. State headcount needs to be reduced, and spending cut. Do away with the DMV. It can be done online. We need term limits. At all levels of government. Anyone who doesn’t pay taxes doesn’t vote.

    The State income tax should be abolished, and we should become business friendly. We should legalize pot, and I want dibs on Fairfield County. We need a rub and tug in Greenwich, and I want dibs on that as well. You can open a candy store, because everyone will be happy and have the munchies.

    Let’s make Connecticut great again.
    Your Pal,

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    And who cares about politics anyhows? Let’s focus on the important stuff, shall we? Her bubble butt is calling my name:

    I actually saw her at a polo match. Blue sundress, carrying her FMP’s in her hands and walking barefoot. She was stunning. I wanted to talk to her, but my boner slowed me down.

    Do you hear it? Did she call for me yet?

    Your Pal,

  7. Thanks for that yellow bathing suit……

    After the election of Democrat Dan Malloy in 2010, the Governor (being a wise if cynical politician) promptly rewarded his base of democratic voters, the state’s unionized employees, with an unprecedented very long term contract. This contract provided extensive health and retirement benefits, which are today busting the state budget. Today, the state has unfunded state employee pensions of about $26 billion and unfunded state employee retiree health obligations of another about $20 billion. Much of these obligations derive from that union contract. The contract also provided for 4 years of no layoffs, and wage increases, blahblahblah:

    This contract is of unprecedented duration, 11 years. Have you ever heard of an 11 year union contract in the private sector? Of course not. But this move was intended to take any union controversy off the table, for the duration of Danny’s first and intended second terms.

    Now it appears that the economic damage is so severe that Danny has to ask for some giverbacks or layoffs. The unions are rebelling against economic reality…..

    Danny thought his giveaway had solved this back in his first year, 2011…….

  8. This can go on for a very long time. It appears that CT now spends roughly 25% of its budget on employees. In California it is 80%.

  9. Greenwich Taxpayer

    Unfortunately the Democrats and Republicans are really one in the same party in Connecticut. Both think of innovative ways to raise taxes and spend, spend, spend. State (and local) employees get fat contracts and paid for health benefits (and the majority still get pensions that they inflate by working lots of overtime in the last three years of their employment) while we idiots who pay our taxes and really work for a living get hosed. Until the “gimme generation” is told they “can’t get everything they want” and our legislature, governor and other political leaders really CUT SPENDING it is hopeless…

  10. Bookworm

    Maybe Yale will move to Boston.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      That WOULD be funny! Imagine the squealing and gnashing of teeth across the Charles.

  11. reader

    I love that quote in the article from the state employee “It’s hard raising kids as a single parent”. I have several proposals that don’t include asking me as a taxpayer to support her. 1) Don’t get pregnant 2) Get married if you get pregnant 3) Stay married.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t die

    • Anonymous

      Yes so true reader, stay married even though your kids are getting the sh!t beaten out of them, yes stay married no matter what!!!

      • 75% of black children born today are illegitimate,born to single mothers. That’s not the result of wife beatings, but rather a deliberate choice to have a child you can’t support and throw the burden of paying for its upkeep on those poor fools who choose to work.

  12. Mid-country Cos Cobber

    Pret much sums it off. Impossible to argue when the math is so clear

  13. another starbucks 4 me

    The advent of the personal computer should have reduced the number of state employees from the 1991 abacus levels … instead they increased 5K to 45K in 2015 AND are making approx. 300% more in total compensation. Then there is the spending number of $5B in 1991 to $20B in 2015 after adjusting for state employee expense – 4X increase in pork. Thx Chris, this is insane, scary … also Interesting note from CatoRenasci on the impact of shifting the tax code to Weicker’s dividend income.