Does anyone out there understand this Greenwich Time article?


More bad news for Chieftains?

Local officials oppose change in Westchester Airport flight restrictions that would increase flights.

The selectmen took the action at the urging of the Village of Rye Brook because of their concerns about proposed changes to the air terminal use agreement. The change would adjust the agreement, which has been in place since 1985, which says commercial airline flights of over nine passengers, no more than 240 passengers may depart and no more than 240 may arrive per half-hour period at Westchester County Airport.

The change, which is being looked at by the Westchester County Legislature, would make the half-hour limit into a per day limit, making it so 11,520 passengers could arrive and the same number could depart per day.

The ‘old math” I learned back in the day calculates 240 passengers per half-hour to be exactly 11,520 passengers a day (240X2X24), so how does this “change” change anything?


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6 responses to “Does anyone out there understand this Greenwich Time article?

  1. Typical shoddy journalism. Just a wild guess-perhaps the concern comes from the trend of airlines to use smaller “regional” jet Aircraft, Such as made by Embraer, bombardier, etc, One effect might be more FLIGHTS delivering the same number of passengers Per day. But in any case this is another politician- and lawyer-full employment act .

  2. I don’t know what the thinking was, but whoever conceived the Chieftans development misspelled Chieftains. That could account for the decline in property values.

  3. Anonymous

    Some of those half hour blocks are not used (eg in the middle of the night). Big increase in useful slots. More flights at peak times.

  4. Buck Swope

    The current rules are per half hour from 6:00am – 11:00pm. The proposed change is to allow the 11,520 passengers (based on a 24 hour day) to arrive/depart between the current 17 hours of operation. More planes, same hours of operation.

  5. Anonymous

    the journalist may have majored in anthropology studies.

    hence why they’re now working at greenwich time.