News you can’t use

bent bus

Everyone to the rear, now!

A former French (naturellement) military officer offers advice on how his fellow citizens should adjust to the guerrilla war that’s burning in Europe:

“You should not allow yourself to be transported passively” on a bus or metro, he said, but to be aware of possible risks and sit or stand at the back or the front of trains to be able to get out faster in case of emergency.”

Is everybody supposed to crowd into the ends of the bus, or just the most aggressive ones?

Myself, I’d rearm the citizens (Muslims excluded) but I’m no longer French.


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9 responses to “News you can’t use

  1. W

    Pas de problème, according to John Kerry. He’s done away with the entire ISIS JV thorn in Obama’s side by declaring yesterday: ‘Je suis Bruxellois’

    Cue James Taylor and we’re good to go.

  2. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    But if the non-muslim French are re-armed, they might do violence to the Muslim terrorists. Can’t have that; it would be RAAACIST!

  3. Cobra

    Cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

  4. Mickster

    “Ne pas subir” (Do not give in) is the title of his book. As Basil Fawlty put it so well years ago “don’t mention the war!”. Hilarious.

  5. Obama should call him out on this advice. Didn’t he say just this week we should (figuratively and in his case, literally) stay at our baseball games? Don’t change a thing or the bad guys win?

  6. Anonymous

    Surely you mean you would not arm the terrorists instead of Muslims. Deciding 1.6bn Muslims are terrorists would make you out as ignorant as Trump and I am sure you would not want to be in that camp!