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Reader Cos Cobber brings our attention to a profile of Cos Cob that ran in yesterday’s WSJ.

Not too much that’s unexpected in it, but I’m glad it mentions the decision of the town, back a decade or so ago, to raze the existing elementary school and put up wire racks with brochures on careers in snow plowing and lawn mowing instead.

Most reporters ignore that cost-saving measure, and I’m not sure why.


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38 responses to “Cos Cob article

  1. Greenwich Foodie

    Glad they mentioned Mumbai Times, great food!

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    Cos Cob is a part of Greenwich? I always thought it was just our taint. A buffer zone between us and Stamford. Where we let all of “those people” live. They are actually a part of the town? WHO LET THIS HAPPEN? FRANCIS!!!

    We let them go to our schools? WITH OUR CHILDREN? They probably don’t use the library, because they can’t read. And are these the unwashed we are building a pool for?

    And with all of these dago wop’s, we don’t even have a decent pizza place. What is up with that? GET US A RAY’S!!

    And I have to go to the Pine in the South Bronx to get decent guinea food? COME ON!!

    What’s the difference between the South Bronx and Cos Cob? About 20 miles!

    Your Pal,

    • Riversideman

      Maybe we should do a collection to help the poor in our community….On second thoughts that’s what our property taxes are!

    • Anonymous

      Walt, You got it. All those Italians and you can’t get a decent pizza in this neck of the woods. What the locals think is good, is horrible. At least I know a fantastic Italian mason in town, and for those who think it doesn’t make a difference, I bet you like the pizza here too. 🙂

    • W

      Ray’s? That’s not good pizza. That’s a New Yorker’s idea of a good pizza. Ray’s slops on way too much sauce and their crust tastes like cardboard. For truly good pizza, youa gotta goa toa Italia, northern Italy. Southern/Napolitan pizza is like Ray’s. Too gloppy.
      The best pizza comes out of a wood stove and is served with a soft egg on top.

      • Anonymous

        W, wasn’t referencing Ray’s. You need to go to some parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, with heavy Italian influence. BTW, Ray’s is a generic name with no trademark. Anyone can open a Ray’s Pizza, even Walt, so some Ray’s will be better than others.

        • W

          I was responding to Walt, who said we need a Ray’s in Greenwich. As for going to Brooklyn and Queens for Italian neighborhoods, good luck. That was 1916, not 2016. Today Queens is heavily Muslim Middle Eastern, Africa, done Vietnamese. Brooklyn still heavily Hasidic and white preppies. Long Island and pockets of Connecticut would be the best bet. Or any exit off the NJ Turnpike.

          Did not know that about Ray’s.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      And with all of these dago wop’s, we don’t even have a decent pizza place. What is up with that?

      WALT: Come on over to Waziristan. We have good PIZZA here. Colony Grill: GOOD PIZZA! Mario the Baker: GOOD PIZZA! Beamers Cafe: Well, that’s not for pizza, but you already know that.

      • Anonymous

        I am sure many of you are well educated and smart, but believe it or not there are plenty of Italian neighborhoods in NYC and Long Island. In some neighborhoods many are just off the proverbial boat – and they make great pizza. I suspect that some on this blog will not (or no longer) travel into most of these neighborhoods, unless absolutely necessary, especially after living in the rarefied town of Greenwich. And that is a shame, because you think local pizza is good 🙂

        New York City
        Arthur Avenue in the Bronx
        The Bronx Arthur Avenue, Bronx (Little Italy of the Bronx)
        Morris Park, Bronx

        Brooklyn Bensonhurst, Brooklyn (Little Italy of Brooklyn)
        Bath Beach, Brooklyn
        Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
        Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
        Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
        Cobblle Hill, Brooklyn

        Manhattan Little Italy, Manhattan
        Mulberry Street
        Pleasant Ave

        Queens Howard Beach, Queens
        Ozone Park, Queens
        Whitestone, Queens
        Middle Village, Queens

        Staten Island: The borough has the highest proportion of Italian Americans of any county in the United States. About 200,000 residents claim Italian heritage(55%). Annadale
        Bulls Head
        Fresh Kills
        Great Kills
        Midland Beach
        New Dorp
        New Springville
        Old Town
        Pleasant Plains
        Prince’s Bay
        Richmond Valley
        South Beach
        St. George
        Todt Hill

        Long Island[edit]
        Carle Place
        Deer Park
        East Meadow
        East Rockaway
        Franklin Square
        Glen Cove
        Long Beach
        Massapequa Park
        Mastic Beach
        North Babylon
        North Massapequa
        Port Jefferson
        St. James
        West Babylon
        West Islip
        Sections of Bayville
        Floral Park
        New Hyde Park
        Valley Stream

      • W

        Anonymous at 8:37. Your cut and paste skills are excellent but your knowledge of where good pizza is, is not. Let’s start with Arthur Avenue, the most commercialized “Italian neighborhood” on your list other than Little Italy where no Italians live anymore and where buses drop off unsuspecting tourists who think they are getting real Italian food. You won’t find an edible cannoli in Little Italy either.
        Bay Ridge was Italian in your grandparents era and the Italians who live there now are in their 90s.
        Howard Beach? Italians? Try Russian Albanian mobsters.

        I could continue picking apart your Google search of Italian neighborhoods but I won’t bother.

        • I’ll just chime in to say that Arthur Avenue is to Italian cuisine what Disneyland is to American history

        • Anonymous

          W, you are right. The best pizza and Italian food in the country is made right here locally in Connecticut. There is no such thing as an Italian community with great Italian food in the entire tri-state area.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Time to face the music, the Cob is going ritzy – it even forced you out to north Stamford. Fancy cheese, fancy fish, fancy meat- it’s all here!

    Btw- the st Lawrence club is donating 250k to the town so they can build a 9m snow removal museum! The partnership is modeled on the town pool in byram- genius!

  4. Mid-country Cos Cobber

    That’s a nice article, thanks for pointing it out !

  5. Anonymous

    Those who dis Cos Cob are showing their (old) age. It’s awesome here. Best neighborhoods, best neighbors, incredibly educated/accomplished/well traveled new generation of homeowners. Just come to the Loughlin Park block party in June and see for yourself.

    • I would, but I’d be tarred and feathered.
      (You know, I hope, that the Cos Cob theme is a running joke between Cos Cobber and myself, and others, that’s been going on for years now)

    • housecat

      You must be new to the blog. I’ve defended the Cob (and Cos Cobber) from obnoxious commenters more times than I can recall. Snark between friends is part of the draw here. Just wait until the leased Cayenne set chimes in from the Riv, if you want to get your righteous indignation on.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        And those of us from Waziristan have foul tempers too. Don’t be dissin us!

      • Anonymous

        I’m a Cayenne owner who lives in Cos Cob. They must lease in Riverside since they overpaid for their houses? (I’ve learned that from this blog 🙂 )

        • housecat

          Sorry. It was a jab at some of the more douche-baggy commenters from that section of town that visit from time to time. Oddly enough, they’ve been rather subdued since the Reval. (And heaven forbid there’s a redistricting!) I’ve been bullish on Cos Cob for awhile, not so much on the Riv. I think that one’s been played out for some time now. IMO, you were smart to buy there, assuming you’re a recent buyer.

    • CatoRenasci

      And still pretty much not clubbable….

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    Let’s just be honest. Shall we? Cos Cob is Greenwicheseses little red headed step child. No one wants one, but when you get stuck with one of the little red haired, freckle faced little monsters, you have no choice but to accept them. Or else they will eat you while you sleep.

    So once we accept Cos Cob for what it is, a haven for the working class ruffians, we will all be better off.

    And freckles:

    What’s the difference between a ginger and a vampire? One is a pale, bloodsucking creature that avoids the sun. The other is a vampire.

    Your Pal,

  7. Anonymous

    The new and prosperous Cos Cob

  8. Anonymous

    here’s a Cos Cobber heading to Starbucks