They’ll just eat McWhoppers anyway, so why bother?


Danger, Will Robinson!

California delays mandating BPA warning signs of canned grocery goods, fearing it will scare the stupid and drive them away from earring their fruits and vegetables.

I’m with the social justice warriors on this one: if a chemical is so dangerous to health as to warrant a warning, shouldn’t the most vulnerable among us – the dumb, the illiterate, the confused, be protected first?

The first and the only people – the California chemophobics who passed this law all eat raw, not canned kale, so they’re okay. And besides, they’re possibly sophisticated enough to evaluate some risks on their own, like those who continue to use bicycles despite the presence of lead in their handlebar wrappings.

On the other hand, California’s Proposition 65, which requires warning labels on any product that contains even trace amounts of any one of over 800 chemicals has resulted in such blizzard of tags, alarms and scary thoughts that the whole scheme has dissolved to mostly white noise.

extension cord

Warning! Inserting plug into eye socket could put your eye out!



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3 responses to “They’ll just eat McWhoppers anyway, so why bother?

  1. Anonymous

    I was in a McDonalds in CA recently and they had 4 electronics kiosks, basically a 4′ high touch-screen in a box from which you used to order your food.

    That is the future. I bet one unit replaces at least 2 counter staff. Figure a store is open 18 hours a day, at the eventually-mandated $15/hr., that’s $540/day in wages gone poof! Wouldn’t be surprised if the unit pays for itself in a week.


  2. Anonymous

    By the way when you travel in CA, you’ll notice that hotels are now required to post signs at the entrance that the building may contain materials that cause cancer.

    Funny, but somehow I doubt it stops the hollywood libs from staying at the swankest hotels.

    The state’s gone loony.