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Question, but no answer


Him, her, it, what?

I can no longer even figure these stories out. “Transgender woman raped in gay bar”.

Video surveillance clearly shows the woman entering the single-occupancy bathroom late Saturday night, soon followed by a man believed to be in his 30s, police sources say.

The woman, who was believed to be heavily impaired by alcohol and possibly prescription pills, alerted friends and called 911 a short time later, sources said. She was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital for treatment.

So is a “transgender woman” a woman who thinks she’s a man, or a man who thinks he’s a woman? Other than the port of entry the rapist might choose,I don’t guess it really maters, but as long as I’m wasting my time reading stories like this, it’d be nice to know who’s doing what to whom.


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Question and answer


Ecch – True love

Can kissing your dog make you sick?

Sick woman charged with having sex with her dog

Related: (well not really, but I’ve always liked the story)

Scene: Two elderly Englishmen, dining at their club

“Did you hear old Featherstone’s left his wife for his horse?”

“My lord, really? Mare or stallion?”

“Mare, of course; nothing queer about old Featherstone!”


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Out of the country or out of the office; I’ll take either one


And he still has time to check his bracket picks

Obama relaxes from his exhausting bend-over tour of latin American dictatorships by playing golf.

President Obama, fresh from his whirlwind spring break trip to Cuba and Argentina, hit the links for some R&R Saturday, playing his 281st round since becoming president. He was at Andrews for over five hours.

That is slightly more than three quarters of a year of days playing the presidential sport for Obama. The president typically plays for at least four hours, sometimes longer, putting his time at over 1,100 hours golfing, or at least 46 full 24-hour days.



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Price cuts announced

27 Doverton Drive

27 Doverton Drive

27 Doverton Drive, asked $7.8 million 287 days ago; it can now be yours for $7.445. It’s builder, Mark Mariani, of course – the picture tells you that – priced it at $11.750 when he built it as a spec home in 2007 and finally sold it to this owner for $8.1 in 2012. As today’s price cut shows, he overpaid.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with a Mariani house, I suppose, other than his odd insistence on laying raw wood floors the day they arrive rather than let them adjust to the ambient moisture content for a few weeks, as other builders do. Mariani says it makes no difference; from what I’ve observed, it does: the floors warp.

But the real complaint I have is that the guy builds exactly one model, “The Mariani”, as seen here. It must be disconcerting to drive through Greenwich and see 12 duplicates of your own house. And it can be dangerous: who among us can forget the incident where a commuter returned to town late at night, perhaps a bit tipsy, pulled up to his Mariani house and was happily entertaining the wife when her husband himself came home. Wrong house!

Hilarity ensued.

15 Stillman

15 Stillman Drive

15 Stillman Drive, which sold in 2006 for $5.5 million, has been marked down to $4.650 million just 30 days after coming on the market. Good move not to wait around at a price that doesn’t work, but will it be enough? Nice house, beautifully built, but the farmhouse look hasn’t been popular in Greenwich since the locals stopped shipping their produce to New York City by barge, back in 12879.

81 Husted Lane

81 Husted Lane

And the spec house at 81 Husted Lane, discussed here in January when it took its first price cut, has taken another, to $7.495. It started off a year ago at $8.575 million, so the must be a disappointment to its builders, but they paid just $2.1 for the land: still plenty of fat her.


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Not everyone was smashing little kids’ Easter Eggs this weekend

A bit of real estate was transacted, apparently.

9 lockwood

9 Lockwood Ave

9 Lockwood Avenue, Old Greenwich, $3.295 million, has a contract after 321 days. Owners basically held steady at their price for a year, and eventually got it (assuming the accepted offer is close to this ask).

24 Sylvan Lane

24 Sylvan Lane

24 Sylvan Lane, Old Greenwich, also has a contract. Asking $3.995 million, it was purchased for $4.125 in 2008.

8 Seagate Rd

8 Sea Gate Rd

8 Sea Gate Road, Riverside, down in Harbor Point and right on the water, reports a contract: asking price, $11.475 million. Fantastic house, and views, but the market obviously didn’t agree with its original $14 million price tag 88 days ago.



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And speaking of savage battles …

Easter Bunny

He has risen

These are the people who both parties are appealing to this election

Parents on rampage: Easter Egg hunt in Orange (say no more) Connecticut explodes .

An Easter egg hunt descended into chaos on Saturday after parents in Orange, Connecticut, stormed the field.

Children as young as four were trampled by adults in a rampage to steal buckets and grab as many of the 9,000 hidden eggs as possible from the third annual free event at the PEZ headquarters.

One four-year-old son was left ‘bloody’ on the sports field and a two-year-old girl was shoved into the mud, witnesses claimed.

A horrified parent described the scene as ‘an angry mob of chaos’ with ‘not one toddler hunting for eggs’ among the crowds of adults.



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