Not everyone was smashing little kids’ Easter Eggs this weekend

A bit of real estate was transacted, apparently.

9 lockwood

9 Lockwood Ave

9 Lockwood Avenue, Old Greenwich, $3.295 million, has a contract after 321 days. Owners basically held steady at their price for a year, and eventually got it (assuming the accepted offer is close to this ask).

24 Sylvan Lane

24 Sylvan Lane

24 Sylvan Lane, Old Greenwich, also has a contract. Asking $3.995 million, it was purchased for $4.125 in 2008.

8 Seagate Rd

8 Sea Gate Rd

8 Sea Gate Road, Riverside, down in Harbor Point and right on the water, reports a contract: asking price, $11.475 million. Fantastic house, and views, but the market obviously didn’t agree with its original $14 million price tag 88 days ago.



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4 responses to “Not everyone was smashing little kids’ Easter Eggs this weekend

  1. Anonymous

    sylvan lane link is dead.

  2. Anonymous

    I guess people still have lots of money!

  3. Anonymous

    I have been in the Seagate house. It is fine for most people but anyone who is paying, on a value allocation basis, about $8 million for land will not find the structure acceptable. Listing says 1999 but that’s the addition, which is the majority of the house but some is much older. Closets have curtain rods instead of doors. It actually went to contract and failed inspection a year ago due to water damage from leaks.