Price cuts announced

27 Doverton Drive

27 Doverton Drive

27 Doverton Drive, asked $7.8 million 287 days ago; it can now be yours for $7.445. It’s builder, Mark Mariani, of course – the picture tells you that – priced it at $11.750 when he built it as a spec home in 2007 and finally sold it to this owner for $8.1 in 2012. As today’s price cut shows, he overpaid.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with a Mariani house, I suppose, other than his odd insistence on laying raw wood floors the day they arrive rather than let them adjust to the ambient moisture content for a few weeks, as other builders do. Mariani says it makes no difference; from what I’ve observed, it does: the floors warp.

But the real complaint I have is that the guy builds exactly one model, “The Mariani”, as seen here. It must be disconcerting to drive through Greenwich and see 12 duplicates of your own house. And it can be dangerous: who among us can forget the incident where a commuter returned to town late at night, perhaps a bit tipsy, pulled up to his Mariani house and was happily entertaining the wife when her husband himself came home. Wrong house!

Hilarity ensued.

15 Stillman

15 Stillman Drive

15 Stillman Drive, which sold in 2006 for $5.5 million, has been marked down to $4.650 million just 30 days after coming on the market. Good move not to wait around at a price that doesn’t work, but will it be enough? Nice house, beautifully built, but the farmhouse look hasn’t been popular in Greenwich since the locals stopped shipping their produce to New York City by barge, back in 12879.

81 Husted Lane

81 Husted Lane

And the spec house at 81 Husted Lane, discussed here in January when it took its first price cut, has taken another, to $7.495. It started off a year ago at $8.575 million, so the must be a disappointment to its builders, but they paid just $2.1 for the land: still plenty of fat her.


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17 responses to “Price cuts announced

  1. Anonymous

    Stillman is an unusual street. Great homes but like a super high end Toll Brothers development. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    • Cos Cobber

      I really like the Stillman house myself. But I am not fond of deadends. I know that is against the grain of most. Houses like this need to be seen and no one sees it on a dead end.

  2. Anonymous

    Does a house in Greenwich have an “ambient moisture” level? My house humidity level varies significantly over the course of a single day not just with the seasons.

    • Anonymous

      All houses do. If each board slightly expands because they haven’t properly acclimated, the effect is additive and it leads to warping or buckling. It’s trivial to prevent.

  3. Anonymous

    Perhaps “The Mariani” should be renamed “The Threesome”.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, all Mariani houses look alike. He is such a dweeb, I sure wish he’d leave town, maybe Miami would appreciate his lack of taste and class.(don’t get me started). I never understood why the builder and broker thought 81 Husted deserved such a high price tag. Really no better than many other newly built homes priced in the 6s. I bet that’s where it ends up selling. (Unless of course they sell to an out if town broker).

    • Anonymous

      $6.5mm is my guess. Hopefully the builder is still doing OK there.

    • Anonymous

      The interior shots don’t look great. You could find similar in a house half the price. I realize it’s a huge house, but nothing special beyond the quantity.

      • The Mariano Model was quite popular for a while because it did provide huge volume. That doesn’t seem to be as much in demand today, possibly because people have discovered what a pain it is to maintain so much unused, unneeded space.

    • OG Gal

      Speaking of lack of class, has anyone dealt with Louis Van Leeuwen from Greenwich Construction? I’ve heard he has quite an obnoxious attitude, but im wondering if his houses are quality or just ostentatious

  5. Riverside Chick

    The etched glass front door is so delicious it’s worth every penny! Beyond gorgeous house!

  6. Guest

    Husted house is so big for the lot. Makes one think a two acre lot is small.

    They took down a nice prewar house for this.

    It is not a great lot – on a big hill as one comes away from the road.

    On the plus side – next door neighbor on Oakwood bought the lot behind it, for a total of about 3 acres, so there should be privacy. Only other thing in back is the old age home and it is very far away.

  7. Anonymous

    The front of this house has two doors? and a chimney? Very strange. Other than that it is stunning.

  8. Don

    Yeah, the chimney in front is what struck me right away.

  9. GreenITCH

    we can keep calling housing market toppy but as I have said before in NYC families are facing bidding wars on 2-3 bdroom apartments . At some stage the ” burbs ” look cheap … all about a lack of inventory .