Elephant graveyard

65 clapboard ridge

65 Clapboard Ridge Road – could we house our local pols in it and declare it a home for the criminally insane?

65 Clapboard Ridge Road, 14,500 sq.ft. of very expensively-finished space on 3 + acres, has cut its price, again, and is now looking for $9.975 million. The owners are bound to get something for this house -it’s really very nice, for its type, but the market for homes this large is small and getting smaller.

These owners paid $10 million for it in 2007, spent a lot of money renovating it in 2009-2010, and put it back up for sale at $12.495 a year ago. Today’s price cut shows how that’s been working.


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19 responses to “Elephant graveyard

  1. W

    Link goes to a Saturday Night Live/James Taylor skit transcripts. Are we standing by for something on that subject next?

  2. Anonymous

    link goes to an SNL transcript

  3. Anonymous

    That’s a really beautiful home. You just have to be very rich to hire the people to take care of it. Shouldn’t be a problem if you have the means.

  4. Anonymous

    That house is awesome. Don’t know about the lot or location, but that is infinitely better than the lame house by the generic developer that you posted yesterday.

    • Anonymous

      And furthermore, Walt – I could see Stephie wanting to Netflix and chilling with you in that pad.

      • Walt

        I would prefer that Steph respected me for my mind and personality. And my Gumby like love puppet abilities. Verus the cost of my house.

        But Dude, is it vacant? Will they pay me to house sit it for a few months? It’s worth a shot, right? NEVER UP NEVER IN!!

        • Anonymous

          What exactly does house sitting entail, anyway? I think it’s an 80’s thing that is more of a suburban legend at this point.

    • No argument here, at all

  5. AJNock

    Are all $5M+ homes in Greenwich staged by the same boring interior decorator?

  6. Cant Wait

    To see how long this one takes to sell…that is a lot of house for the money. Can you imagine the heating and electric bill every month?

  7. Anonymous

    The problem with the house is that it’s awfully bland. There’s so much available in the ultra high end range right now that no one has to settle for something less than special.

  8. Anonymous

    Beautiful house. The photos don’t do it justice. Check out the video online.

  9. You’ll probably write this off as “sour grapes”, but seriously, what is it like to live in a behemoth house? Do the occupants ride about in “Hover-Rounds”? I took someone to a medical appointment, and realized that while the trimmings and finishes were commercial grade, the size, scale, and foyer (with obligatory sweeping staircase) were about what some of these houses are like. I be exhausted just walking from the door to the bedroom. Maybe that’s why they all go to the gym.