Please sir, may I have some more?


Miles Cowperthwaite: “Do me again, hard, and keep doing it!”

Yale’s staying put in Connecticut.

“It’s wonderful to be recognized as an outstanding asset, but Yale, New Haven, and Connecticut have been on common ground to great mutual benefit for 300 years. We’re looking forward to reaching even greater heights in education, research and civic engagement over the next three centuries and more,” Yale spokesman Tom Conroy said in a statement provided to the News.

Hey, Yale can do what it wants to do, but the land of safe spaces and puppy dog counselors does seem to be rather thoroughly enjoying its rough treatment by Hartford Democrats. In fact, the whole institution sounds quite a bit like the crew of HMS Raging Queen.

Captain Ned: Is this how men act on a man’s ship? Where is your manliness? Fighting on deck is a serious breach on my articles of strict discipline! I’m afraid the guilty party is in for a very severe punishment!

Sailor #1: Captain.. I did indeed take Mr. Spunk’s spot. I’m ready to accept my punishment..

First Mate Spunk: Captain!  I threw the first blow. If anyone is to be punished, let it be me. I ask only that whatever you do, please don’t put me in a tight-fitting Lassie costume and make me eat from a monogrammed dog dish.

Sailor #2: [ entering ] Captain, I encouraged this fight – punish me! Make me wear nipple-pinching clothespins, sir!

Sailor #3: [ entering ] Me, Captain! Punish me!

Captain NedStop! I’ve heard enough! Your manly admission of guilt is most manful. However, as your Captain, it is I who must bear the full masculine responsibility! And therefore, I will be punished. Spunk! Take me alone! I want a boiling oil rub..


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3 responses to “Please sir, may I have some more?

  1. housecat

    There’s always Club Tropicana, when on leave.

  2. Sounds like things in the Royal Navy haven’t changed much

  3. Anonymous

    Republicans, once again, lead the way out of another deficit, at least until July 1, 2016. State budget deficits have unfortunately become the norm. At each critical juncture in the evolution of Connecticut’s finances, when answers to budget shortfall were not forthcoming, the minority party stepped forward with a way out of the fiscal crisis.
    This bi-partisan deficit mitigation plan saves municipal aid, hospitals and social services and is a positive step forward after years of denial, delay, and inaction which only served to make Connecticut’s financial problems so much worse. But this is not enough. Just as the legislature closes a $220 million short fall for June 2016, the can is being kicked down the road. The majority party still refuses to reform the most expensive and generous state employee fringe benefits and pensions. The state is facing a $900 million shortfall in July 2016, and a $4.5 billion shortfall in the following two years.
    In the film Awakenings a doctor, played by Robin Williams, succeeds in awakening his patient from a decades-long catatonic state, an achievement that unfortunately proves temporary. I fervently hope that Connecticut’s own awakening to financial reality is not as fleeting.
    The state’s taxpayers and struggling businesses cannot afford for state leaders to fall back into a pattern of inaction and atrophy.
    Republicans will continue to reach out to all sides and propose ways to reduce our debt and make the structural changes that will be the only way out of a permanent fiscal crisis, a permanent solution!

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