Sale, contract, and a price cut

6 lita

6 Lita Lane

6 Lita Drive, Greenwich, new construction, sold for $3.425 ( estimated its worth at $1.4 – something’s wrong with their algorithms). Not at all my cup of tea, especially what has to be one of the ugliest front exteriors of recent build, but Lita’s a close-in street and this one’s almost at the end of it, away from North Street, so that helps. No. 10 Lita, next door, sold for $3.57 in 2014, which makes this price seem sort of comparable, even at 1,000 feet less.

80 Round Hill Road

80 Round Hill Rd

80 Round Hill Road, asking $4.080 million, is under contract. 1938 house, and very attractive in a formal way. I wouldn’t imagine its kitchen will survive the new owners.



17 Sherwood Farm Lane, sister street to Stillman Drive, which we discussed yesterday, has cut its price to $4.595 million. Owners bought it from its builder for $4.9 for it in 2004 and have been trying to leave it since 2014. All the houses in this development are beautifully made, but they’ve struggled to hold their value, as I mentioned here back in 2012.

17 Sherwood

17 Sherwood Farm Lane


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34 responses to “Sale, contract, and a price cut

  1. Anonymous

    Or, maybe the algos are correct, and the buyer paid too much…

  2. Round hill home is spectacular. Sherwood Farms, I think, would sell quickly if staged. It’s a great house but when empty it’s harder to see that.

  3. Anonymous

    RHR needs updating.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    That’s a kitchen? I thought it was a torture chamber for interior designers.

  5. Mid Country Diva

    What do you think Stillman/Sherwood have not appreciated since 2004? My guess is that it is no-man’s land, not Central Greenwich, Glenville or Mid Country – just kinda there on their own!

  6. Flash dancer

    There have been some fantastic deals on Sherwood Farms – i guess it is a tough sell when everyone in the neighborhood is trying to get out. It goes to show that location is more important than the structure.

  7. Anonymous

    Sherwood is a beautiful home…..really surprised, actually. But, that Stepford Wives street is truly off putting. Like Stillman, there really is a high end Toll Brothers feel to the street and neighborhood. I see appreciation going up slowly…..ESPECIALLY if Westchester Airport expands and these homes are right on the flight path.

  8. Cos Cobber

    On Stillman…I see no point to having a home of great eye candy on a street where no one can see it. If I have to have a home on a dead end, then I want land or proximity to something notable, like a beach or park or cool village.

    And then there is price….the $4-6M pricing band has a lot of choices seemingly with more “value.”

    • Anonymous

      very weird Cos Cobber. So the only point to having a beautiful home is for others to see it? Not enough for you to see it?

      • Cos Cobber

        Nope – just think when you have created something beautiful, its more fun to share…in a tasteful way. Not weird at all.

        • I agree – it’s like having a beautiful sail boat – Herreshoff said a boat must please your eye as you row away from it in your tender, but I’d add your point: there’s a thrill to being an observer watching a beautiful boat, heeled over, charging past. Shared pleasure indeed, and it enriches both watcher and sailor alike.

        • Anonymous

          In that case, why don’t you just work on your personality and find some friends to entertain in your beautiful home?

        • Anonymous

          CC…..says the man who could give a shit about noise and pollution—and has planes, trains, and automobiles up and down his home neighborhood.

        • housecat

          I don’t think Cobber is the one who needs to work on his personality @2:47. He was expressing an opinion, and hardly a controversial one at that.

        • Cos Cobber

          CF, this is just some lame attempt to find hypocrisy in my posts and a weak attempt to insult. The real issue here is that I am a bit of a taste maker, with opinions that set the trends. And now people with beautiful homes on dead end streets feel threaten (ugly homes – don’t fret!).

          And yes, that was meant to be amusing.

  9. Anonymous

    FYI- I have heard from several plumbers that many of the houses in the Sherwood Farm and the other development off Glenville Rd (I forget the name) have very poor plumbing, pans used in the showers are cracking and need to be replaced, inferior pipes and other issues that shouldn’t be happening in newly built houses. They don’t seem to be holding their value very well.

  10. Don

    That kitchen, surely not real, right?! Right?

  11. Anonymous

    Funny comment about 6 Lita. Yes, It is “almost at the end” of Lita. But it is equally-close to the start of Lita. Can we call it the middle of Lita? In fact, if it were one house closer to the start of Lita, it would also be on North St!

  12. Anonymous

    Needed estimates from several plumbers to fix a problem in my old house. That’s when they commented on the same issues happening in newly built homes. I was very surprised!

  13. Anonymous

    very high property taxes?! on Sherwood / Stillman. Someone explain…..I see 1 acre and wet