Well I guess if it worked, okay, but ….


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10 responses to “Well I guess if it worked, okay, but ….

  1. Anonymous

    O/T: more on CT’s intended endowment tax and suggested Yale move to Boston.


    • Cos Cobber

      I love it…or to Florida.. hilarious


      FF, care to comment?

      Btw, the new census bureau data issued last week was grim. Only FF County is growing in CT, all other counties lost population year over year. I don’t understand, I thought paid sick leave, union feather bedding, busways and projects like Adrian’s Landing in Hartford were going to make the bluest state in the nation the most popular as well. What happened?

      Population growth is a prime indicator of good public policy. People move to places they believe can deliver quality of life.

    • Thanks for posting that. Hey – how did you link to the Reason article? I have a print subscription. Does one need an online/digital subscription to do this?

      • Anonymous

        Toonces, I just copied the link amd pasted it. Its a free website. Why would you pay for it?

        • I looked up an article just today (great analysis of Bernie Sander’s policies) and I couldn’t read the whole article without first paying for a subscription. i’ll try again.

        • ok here’s the deal – you can read and copy/paste anything from the Reason.com blog. Reason magazine articles however are available only to paid subscribers.

  2. Fatdaddy

    “Facing child endangerment charges for allegedly bathing naked with a 5-year-old boy, the longtime treasurer of the Connecticut Republicans resigned from his elected post and paid position with the party Monday”

    Ummmmm. He likes them young!
    Right, left or center, Connecticut is backwoods Appalachia, with teeth.
    The state is smaller than the county I grew up in but the fudge-packers and do-gooders and sleazy politicians have sapped it of any strength it might have once had. And the voters seem to want it that way.
    Connecticut lost its way decades ago. YALE should get out before the great unwashed hordes reduce the place to a sanctuary city for crackheads and junkies.