A threat to civilization is just a Muslim I haven’t met

imagesGerman trains initiate separate cars for women and children, but insist that it has nothing to do with the rising incidents of sexual attacks by Muslims.

“We were just sitting around the office,” German Minister of Propaganda Joe Goebbels explained to FWIW, “looking for something to do, and someone suggested a new class of choo choo cars. It has nothing to do with nothing, just relax’.


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5 responses to “A threat to civilization is just a Muslim I haven’t met

  1. Mickster

    Europe is toast. Visit while most of it is still safe. Take lots of pictures because many of the great cities will become pockmarked replicas of themselves with no-go neighborhoods and transit systems.
    The EEC is a failure in that there is no co-operation between police forces and hence no security for its peoples. No cohesive policy on migration. Towns, villages are being changed overnight with the influx of migrants. When other Arab nations refused to take them (Jordan excepted) that should have given us all a clue. Merkel will be remembered in history for the rest of time.

  2. Chris….REALITY CHECK!
    Gruber not Goebbles….
    Chief of PC outsource division of Shillary Inc.

  3. If only we can make it to the future

  4. Brexit

    Ace idea; it is a signal. Are you the 4 grade mentality Americans standing for white genocide? Of course you are not. Americans and their delusional prerogative that is blessed by God. German are dodgy anyway. Rarely reliable, exept for their cars.

  5. uminn65

    Europe moves toward single sex trains (to reduce serial assault) while progressive us cities move to omnisex bathrooms to…. what.. enable sexual assault.