Back again

43 burning tree

43 Burning Tree Road

43 Burning Tree Road has come off the rent rolls and its builder is trying again to sell it, this time for $5.295 million instead of its 2010 price of $6.295. The site, but not the house, was once the last project for Andrew Kissel before he was stabbed to death in his home at 10 Dairy Road, back in 2006. Eventually, his incomplete house was razed, and this one put up instead.

I think it’s a beautiful house, in a good location, on a very nice lot. A buyer could do far worse at this price range. I am still amused, however, at what happened in 2010, when I had a very interested buyer. The listing agent (not the current one) pulled me aside as my clients and I were leaving after our second or third visit and whispered, “Chris, it’s very important that your clients make their offer now, this weekend, because a very strong buyer is putting in his bid on Monday.” I passed that information along to my people, along with my opinion that the agent in question was a liar.

They passed on the opportunity, and, six years later, I guess that strong buyer is still biding his time, waiting to place his bid. The trouble with lying to fellow agents like this is that we remember, always.


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20 responses to “Back again

  1. Reasonable Richi

    I have to tell you, every time I drive by this house I can’t help but admire it. I think it is a lovely house that looks well built and well positioned on the property. I agree, at this price you could do a lot worse.

  2. Anonymous

    Stupid question, but how would the seller’s agent know what particular day a buyer planned to make an offer?

  3. Anonymous

    Most of them are liars. The fraud and deception they get away with is criminal, literally. Glad he/she didn’t sell. Karma.

  4. Anonymous

    Interesting cut out in the rear 2nd floor, but have to agree nice looking home all around

  5. Anonymous

    Wonderful floor plan/scale of rooms. Spacious without being too cavernous. is there noise from the merritt?

  6. Anonymous

    Years ago, the seller’s agent for the home we bought told me the owner was “a hyper aggressive New York litigator” who would be insulted by offers below the ask. The reality…he was a television ad salesman for Univision. If you are mendacious, keep away from the factually verifiable lies.

    • Anonymous

      What a stupid thing for the agent to say. I would have looooved responding to that: “Oh really? What firm does he work for? Maybe I know him.”

  7. Anonymous

    had a very similar situation happen a few years ago.

    the house is still on the market.

    i am always sooooo tempted to shoot a note to the agent and their office manager asking how things are going, but….

    ….i’ll let karma do its work.

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