Land sale, Winding Lane

16 Winding Lane16 Winding Lane, to be exact, 2.3 acres asking $2.495 million. I’m guessing maybe $2.25 as a final price? Should be somewhere around there. Overlooks that huge hangar that was once the Rockefeller’s indoor tennis court and that’s a downer, but I’m sure you can screen that and have a nice house just a short hop from central Greenwich.

That tennis court complex by the way, is now owned  – maybe; my source is a little shaky on its provenance – by the Field Club, and leased to a separate group of members for their use. Accurate or not, it’s still in use and is, like all such structures, butt ugly. Oh well.


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15 responses to “Land sale, Winding Lane

  1. Reasonable Richi

    Did the spec house at 35 Winding lane sell yet? I love that house; it’s well built & I like the layout/finishes, surprised it hasn’t sold. I think one more price movement should do it especially if you think this property is going to be a spec house as well. If that is the case, I wouldn’t wait long to hit the bid.

    • Still there, which is probably as much a reflection of the market in this price range as it is of the house itself, but agree with you: if another one’s going up down the street, it’d be wise to grab a bid, if one appears.

  2. Anonymous

    Are you sure this one has a pending deal? Zillow says it is back on mkt.

  3. Anonymous

    the building that shows up on google maps street view as having a –wait for it–black cayenne in the parking lot?

    gee, wonder if it’s leased?

  4. Anonymous

    Yes tennis house owned by the Field Club and it is a separate charge for members wanting to use it. Very cool on the inside- har tru court. You are right- ugly from the outside

    • Anonymous

      Half owned by the Field Club, half owned by the separate membership of the Indoor Court, most of whom are FCG members.

      • Anonymous

        I recently met one of the true owners and he asserted that it isn’t actually owned by the Field Club but the club was provided a right to purchase when the owners want to sell in exchange for appearing on the purchase agreement. According to this source, the Rochefellers wanted to sell it to the Field Club but the club wasn’t interested.

  5. Riverside

    Those Rockefeller stone walls in the area are pretty awesome.

  6. Landed Gentry

    Great Street! A bit over $1m per acre sounds right. I expect the wrecking ball is on the way…