More lower end activity

12 Old Orchard, Riverside NoPo across from North Mianus School, dropped its price to $1.765 million and has found a buyer. In 2014, when this was listed at $1.995 million and failed to sell, the listing lead off with a front shot, showing an unprepossessing house. This time round, the agent put its best- rear – foot forward, and concentrated on the pool and the great back yard, and ditched any mention of the front. Smart move: obviously, no one bought this house without seeing the front of it, but to get buyers to see the interior and the rear, you first have to get them there – and this approach obviously worked better.

10 Butler Street

10 Butler Street

10 Butler Street, Cos Cob, $995,000 – contract in 21 days. Compared to a NYC co-op, it’s a bargain, and there’s a nice park across the street. Why not?


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11 responses to “More lower end activity

  1. Cos Cobber

    The Cob is heating up!

    • I blame global warming, but watch out – Town Planner Katie Blankley DeLuca has just ordered the entire neighborhood permanently evacuated, to save its inhabitants from rising sea levels.

      “You mean that’s not really happening?”, she said, blankly.

  2. Flash

    I like that NOPO house; the pool is a very nice touch. A paint job may have gotten it a few extra dollars.

  3. Anonymous

    Butler Street is great. A nice, mostly snowplow-owner free neighborhood, convenient location, wonderful curb appeal.

  4. Anonymous

    Loughlin park is a great area and butler a good street in CC. Walk to train, park, center of town, CC school and Eastern…lots to like.

  5. Patrishka

    Butler St is terrifically charming. Nicely done at that price.

  6. ...

    Any idea what’s going to happen with the foreclosed house next door to Butler?