Not all taxi drivers are created equal; you’ll just have to trust your luck

Judge rules that Saudi taxi driver who told terrified passenger that he “loved ISIS” and was considering blowing up the cab didn’t really mean it, so he can continue scaring passengers until he does.

“We’ll give him enough rope to hang himself”, administrative judge Kevin Casey told FWIW, “but I’ll be biking to work the next few months, and I suggest you do, too.”

The allegedly terror-fueled cab ride began shortly before midnight, in late November, when the businessman hopped in Ahmed’s cab near Third Avenue and East 21st St.

Just two minutes into his ride to his midtown hotel, the businessman testified that Ahmed asked him about the Paris terror attacks.

The passenger recounted that he told Ahmed the attacks were “unfortunate or very upsetting.”

The cabbie responded, he said, by boasting he “could’ve done a better job.”

It was the first in a string of disturbing remarks Ahmed allegedly made during the short ride, including asking his fare how to get an “ISIS visa” and wondering repeatedly if he should “blow the taxi up tonight.”

The ride was a “terrifying” and “terrible” experience, the businessman told the judge, adding the incident “ruined the night” and turned what had been a great trip to New York into a “an absolute disappointment.”

The businessman, who was not identified, called the police and TLC shortly after arriving at his hotel on Lexington Avenue at 37th Street.

What could possibly go wrong?

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