The Library of Congress will now call illegal aliens “noncitizens” (no hyphen, for some reason- maybe its like nonsense?)

illegal alien

The children of Dartmouth and their librarian friends are confused

And its explanation for the change is so patently facetious that it can only be considered a deliberate F-You to America.

Working with library staff at the Ivy League school, members of a Dartmouth coalition for immigration reform petitioned the Library of Congress in 2014 to replace the subject heading with a more accurate and less offensive term.

Officials concluded that the meaning of “aliens” is often misunderstood and should be replaced with “noncitizens,” and that the phrase “illegal aliens” has become pejorative. The heading “illegal aliens” is being replaced by “noncitizens” and “unauthorized immigration.”


“The heading Aliens is one of the oldest headings in Library of Congress Subject Headings, having appeared in the first edition of Subject Headings Used in the Dictionary Catalogues of the Library of Congress (published in parts between 1910 and 1914), the precursor to today’s LCSH. According to the current scope note for the heading, it refers to “persons who are not citizens of the country in which they reside.” The heading has been somewhat problematic over time because the word aliens has several dictionary definitions, one of which corresponds to the LCSH scope note and another that means beings from another planet. Because of the resulting confusion, PSD decided that it would be useful to reconsider the heading Aliens during its reconsideration of Illegal aliens.”

Even the dumbest, most illiterate liquid petroleum flow engineer of a gas pump jockey, even a Dartmouth student – but then, I repeat myself – can distinguish between a drug-carrying peasant creeping through the Arizona desert, still dripping Rio Grande water, and a visitor from Mars who lacks a tourist visa. And even the government employees at the Library of Congress know this, so their specious argument that eliminating the term will eliminate confusion is just insulting, and deliberately so.

As for the offending term illegal alien being “pejorative”, “illegal” is pejorative: it expresses disapproval, just as the dictionary says. And while it is true that the Obama administration and this country’s liberals no longer disapprove of Mexicans and their cousins breaking the law and entering this country to stay, that act is still forbidden and still on the books as an illegal act. The Library’s New Speak is clearly intended to help along the process of legalizing border crossing, but to lump illegals in with others in the category of “noncitizen”: green card and visa holders, permanent residents, and tourists alike, stamps the criminals with the imprimatur of official state approval, long before Congress itself has conceded defeat.

It’s also confusing, which is probably also deliberate.

If we can’t hang’em high, can we at least descend on Washington with tar and feathers?


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6 responses to “The Library of Congress will now call illegal aliens “noncitizens” (no hyphen, for some reason- maybe its like nonsense?)

  1. Chris….don’t forget the rails….
    Dewey Decimal System organized Libraries worldwide, his outfit still does using digits to refine & define subject matter & provide limitless possibilities for non fiction.
    Fiction. …by author….including Science Fiction.
    Illegal Aliens are non-fiction…..
    Beloved Mr. Dewey funded & founded my beloved Northwood School in Lake Placid & brought the Winter Olympics there in 1932.
    I feel the need to alert his Foundation that this subject & man made Global Warming needs to be in the Fiction category. …
    First letter of Author for to be determined…
    O for noncitizen?
    Gfor globalscam?
    S for both?
    Just another Sorosity?
    Ready the rails….tar & feathers….will we need Permits?….

  2. Mickster🍀🍀🍀

    As one who has been in many of the above categories, I’ve always found the term “Resident Alien” (Green Card Holder) hilarious!!

  3. I think “Unregistered Democrat Voter” is still the best replacement term that I’ve heard.

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    The war on language via political correctness serves one purpose. To hide the truth, and minimize free speech. It is nothing more than censorship, and a way for “progressives” to hide facts. Better to not hurt someone’s feelings than speak the truth.

    The President and Cankles are more concerned about Islamophobia than they are about protecting the American Homeland. Wanting secure borders now makes someone a racist. It’s just not true. Where is all this Islamophobia they accuse us of? Considering 100% of the terrorist attacks were perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists, I think the American reaction has actually been pretty good. But that is what they focus on.

    Trumps main appeal to many is he doesn’t hide behind political correctness. He speaks bluntly. He calls a failure a failure, not “non-traditional success”. Lazy people are not “motivationally dispossessed”. They are lazy. Retards are not “special”. Crazy people are not “reality challenged. And it is not a “micro aggression” to use gender specific terms like “him” and “her”.

    So this is just an overt assault by “progressives” on the First Amendment. Fully supported by Barry and Cankles. The POTUS actually called for the press to not cover Trump. That is both staggering and truly frightening. And people better wake up to that fact.

    And now it’s legal to piss in the streets of NYC. How is that progress? You can get slashed anywhere on the subways. How is that progress? Homeless are everywhere. That’s progress?

    Labelling them as “progressives” may be the biggest lie ever told. They are lunatics. Totally placing this country at incredible risk.

    Do you agree? You moron.

    Your Pal,

    • Mickster

      If only the MSM would report the failures of “progressive” policies abroad. We have examples all over Europe. What’s the saying, a wise man learns form the mistakes of others while a fool learns form his own mistakes?
      The political class have us brainwashed into blaming one side or the other when in reality they are ALL at fault.