Why do vegetarians die sooner than carnivores?


Thomas Hobbes on the lives of vegetarians: “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”

For the same reason husbands predecease their wives: because they want to. And also, it turns out, because their diet is deadly.



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18 responses to “Why do vegetarians die sooner than carnivores?

  1. It’s not the meat, it’s the emotion

  2. Anonymous

    I’m going to capital grille tonight and having a huge rib eye !!!

  3. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    What???? No Poutine?

  4. housecat

    What, exactly, is that round thing on the top made of? Bat guano with cheez?

  5. Hitler was a vegetarian (and a monorchid, too).
    Churchill said: “Carnivores will win this war.” (1940)

  6. Daniel Henninger of the Wall St. Journal is even more brilliant than usual today (sorry about the paywall):

    His point: Obama has not only succeeded in transforming America’s healthcare, energy sector and God knows what else, he has utterly destroyed Reaganism and the Republican party. The latter is now committing suicide by fighting itself over Trump.

    It’s true: can you imagine a more profound victory than causing your adversary to commit suicide?

    The Trumpniks are responsible for enabling Obama’s triumph in this way.

    (still praying for the adults to re-assert themselves in Wisconsin Tuesday….)

  7. Anonymous

    Relax B! The GOPe nominee in November will be none of the three candidates currently running. Hillary will be an amazing president – you’ll see!

  8. Anonymous

    “Why do vegetarians die sooner than carnivores?”

    Silly question. Carnivores eat vegetarians.