All this is clearly intentional and heading for a goal, but I can’t see why even De Blasio wants to do it

NYC Subay graphitti 1970

Return to Fun City 1970

Continuing his campaign to return New York to the broken, dispirited city it was in the 1970s, De Blasio has ordered city workers to stop scrubbing off graffiti  So we have bums urinating and drinking in pubic with impunity, squeegee men back on the corners, and soaring crime.

De Blasio can’t really want to destroy the city, can he? And if not, why is he doing this? What is the desired end? That’s not a rhetorical question; I really don’t see where he’s going with this.


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19 responses to “All this is clearly intentional and heading for a goal, but I can’t see why even De Blasio wants to do it

  1. Fatdaddy

    Very much like your governor, Dan Malloy, DeBlasio is full of shit and determined to turn his empty life as a career politician into something, anything, by any means necessary. He is an empty suit with a cranial cavity to match. Real estate prices in NYC (and Connecticut) reflect the absence of leadership and smart money is selling.

  2. Fatdaddy

    Speaking of jack-off politicians:
    “Connecticut’s Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission has asked Congress for quick action on legislation to help Puerto Rico with its $72 billion debt crisis.”

    And wouldn’t you know, that Dick Blumenthal, would be on the wrong side, as usual.

    “It (proposed legislation) would also bar Puerto Rico from declaring Chapter 9 bankruptcy, as Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and other federal lawmakers from the state have sought.”

    What a rotten little piece of shit state Connecticut is turning into.

    • Anonymous

      Except Blumenthal answers to a few shops who own, oh, a lot of PR debt. He may be really dumb, but he’s no idiot.

  3. Walt

    Dude –

    NYC is going back to the 1970’s. Homeless and beggars are everywhere. Crime is up. Taxes are up. And you can piss in the streets.

    All led by the most “progressive” mayor on the planet.

    Can ANYONE explain how this is “progress”

    Comment Francis? Comment?

    Your Pal,

  4. anon

    It’s the random face slashings that I worry about. They happen every day now.

  5. CatoRenasci

    He’s pining for the Dinkins years….

  6. Anonymous

    Problem is compared to everywhere else, NY’s economy is doing ok. Foreign billionaires keep coming to launder foreign wealth into real estate, though I heard that the price of $25 million plus slum housing is starting to come down. Oddly, NY’s pensions are almost fully funded, compared to CT’s empty coffers. Seems that even DeBlasio can’t ruin it, at least not yet. Maybe he will, given more time.

  7. Don

    Should we expect anything less from a man in the mold of Marx / Lenin ? Stalin?

    OT….. North Korea likely does have a miniaturized nuke per intelligence, and China unveils the longest flying ICBM. And Iran will be getting billions released to itself. When the head clown, aka Obama, leaves office, this will be a far more dangerous world then when he assumed office on January 20, 2009. But men in girls bathrooms, that’s the ticket.

    Yes, its sick out there and getting sicker, to quote the late Bob Grant.

  8. AJ Nock

    De Blasio was voted into office by a huge majority. That is the weakness of people. After so many years of Guiliani and Bloomberg they took all the progress for granted and wanted to show their “liberallism”. They will learn and some are and will die in the process. Meanwhile, NY property values are leveling off and the next step is down. Between the high taxes and the growing crime and filth, the city becomes less desirable as a place to live and work.

    • Publius

      While true that Di Blasio received a large % of vote, voter turnout was a record low 24%. People did not care and now they get what the didn’t vote for.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Exactly. He got like 86% of a 24% turnout. Don’t vote, don’t whine (at least not to me).