Pending sales reported

11 Stallion Trail

11 Stallion Trails

11 Stallion Trail asking $2.950 million, reported a contingent contract back on December 28th, has moved ahead to pending. That’s an unusually long time between a contract and the satisfaction of all contingencies, but still, it got done.

The owner paid $2.5 million for this in 1987, started off this time at $4.849 a year ago, and ended up here (or lower, depending on its final negotiated price). I don’t imagine capital gains will be an issue.

15 Taylor Drive

15 Taylor Drive

And Cos Cob continues to buzz, with 15 Taylor Drive, listed at $1.595, also pending. It’s listing claims it’s just “minutes from shopping”, but that does the location a disservice: hop the fence, stroll across the asphalt and you’ve got drugs, fish and booze, all practically at your doorstep.

That said, Taylor Dive manages to be a quiet, very decent street despite the presence of the CVS mall, and this particular house is a good one, built in 2009. The asked-for price might be a tad high, but assuming a bit of a negotiated discount, I get it.


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7 responses to “Pending sales reported

  1. Anonymous

    I think I saw the stallion trail house in a 1970s porn flick

  2. PortchesterMan

    Yo, yet another sick house in DA Cob! I’m cuming soon bro.

    • Anonymous

      PC man you need to be a little more realistic. If you are living in PC, or from PC, with a lifetime of hard work on the fry machine at McDonald’s, you may be able to get a condo in Byram. Move fast before you are priced out of there too.

  3. Anun

    Taylor in Flood Zone. That’s why it took so long……