Really nothing to report today


3 East Point Lane, looking just a bit crammed in

Nothing new, except rentals, and nothing sold. There was a price reduction down in Old Greenwich at 3 East Point Lane, and it’s now down to $3.5 million, which is a chunk from its original list price of $4.3 million, and exactly the precept was purchased for,new, in 2006.

The listing says the house is “FEMA compliant”, which helps, but that means it lacks a basement and there are just 3,900 square feet above ground; small for this price. More discouraging that listing describes its automobile storage situation as “a small, 2-car garage” – in English, that means you can get exactly one of your two Suburbans in it, assuming that one is a convertible.

East Point Lane itself floods during hurricanes, so you’ll be staying put or boating some of the time, and, just being picky, I wonder about that aforementioned garage: it looks to be several feet lower than the main house.

But it is a nice house, so someone will like it.


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11 responses to “Really nothing to report today

  1. The kitchen? Very small and odd layout. I see no upper cabinets at all.

  2. HS Mom

    There doesn’t appear to be a way to get from the garage to the house without going outside. And you have to walk through the whole house to get from the kitchen to the dining room which would be annoying when entertaining.

  3. Anonymous

    also troubling when the first four of seventeen are exterior shots.

    • Mickster

      So funny – I always feel the same way. I’ve seen the first 10 be exterior. Then you know you’re in trouble.

  4. OG Gal

    who built this house?

  5. CT2CA

    My first reaction to this house was that people were being very critical. It is a relatively nice house with nice finishes, it does have some water views (from the FR and MBd turrets), etc……but on second look, I have a question to pose to the group: although we all (mostly) live more informal lives these days, I still think that a traditional (architecturally) $3.5-4.0MM house should have a Living Room in addition to a Family Room/Great Room that is open to the Kitchen.

    Do you all agree or disagree?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Have to have a formal living room and an informal family room.

    • Cos Cobber

      Agreed and I had the exact same cycle of thought…too harsh…then, I noticed no formal living room….which – at this price point – it should have.