4 Cognewaugh sale

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84 Cognewaugh Rd

84 Cognewaugh, whose listing information has been yanked from public access by the Greenwich Association of Realtor’s desire to have a sales process as transparent as the Obama administration, sold for $960,000. It’s a tired old ranch, but it’s 2,314 square feet on two acres close to the Valley Road terminus of Valley Road; there’s room here to sink some money into making it nice, and still not have too much invested in this neighborhood and this house.

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You can almost smell Granny baking cookies here, no?


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12 responses to “4 Cognewaugh sale

  1. Beantown

    OT: Thought you might be interested in this: Fighting the perception of a sweetheart deal.

    GE giving $25M to Boston public schools. Thanks Danny!!!

  2. Anonymous

    2 acres in a beautiful area under 1m, great deal. EMS I think as well.

  3. Anonymous

    Not great land and the house is fugly. I guess you could easily add a second story for not too much extra.

    • Ranch houses used to be popular among fixer-uppers because, as you say, it’s not terribly complicated to add a second story. But that was before the new craze for high ceilings hit. Now, you have to add extra height to the ground floor, then go up. And a house this age (1955) probably needs new wiring, plumbing, bathrooms, kitchen, insulation in the walls, energy-efficient windows, etc., so you’re basically building a new house on an old foundation – it’s simpler and probably cheaper to just scrape it and build new.

      But if you keep the ranch, you can do a lot to modernize it for, say, $250,000, and have a pretty nice house for not a whole lot of money.

  4. Mickster

    Don’t mention the cliff at the back door and not being able to walk from the garage to house. Knock the house, build anew and fence the cliff.

  5. MLE

    You’re too funny!

  6. Anonymous

    wasn’t this house for sale about 5-6 years ago? seem to recall it was, but maybe not.