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Antares star burns out


Joe “Isuzu” Beninati

Joe Bennati , former co-partner of Greenwich’s Antares Partners, threw his failed Sutton Place project into bankruptcy this week.

A planned 900-foot-high condominium tower, a modernist showpiece designed to rival the tallest new Midtown Manhattan residential skyscrapers, landed in bankruptcy court on Thursday amid a slowing luxury market.

Developer Joseph Beninati’s Bauhouse Group put the project into chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday to try to halt a foreclosure after he was unable to find lenders to refinance short-term loans the group used to acquire land and air rights for the tower on East 58th Street near Sutton Place. Construction has not started.

The developer was seeking to block an effort by an investment firm controlled by real-estate investor N. Richard Kalikow from foreclosing on the development. The project faced opposition by local officials and worries by lenders about the increasing risk in financing high-end residential towers.

The bankruptcy of the Sutton Place project, and the slowing demand for condos in super-tall Midtown towers on and around West 57th Street, signals a broader unease among banks and other lenders about financing luxury development. But it also shows how the market can be unsparing for developers without deep pockets or a strong track record in creating these enormously complex buildings, development experts said.

The Midtown area has set new benchmarks for Manhattan real estate, including a $100.5 million sale on West 57th Street, sometimes known as Billionaire’s Row. But during the second half of 2015, this portion of the market began to cool as the number of slender towers on the market rose and economic turbulence in much of the world made wealthy international buyers wary.

During a Thursday hearing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, lawyers for Mr. Kalikow’s investment vehicle asked Judge Sean Lane to dismiss the bankruptcy, which they have called a “classic bad-faith filing” intended to thwart foreclosure. Court papers show the lender is owed more than $170 million, including interest and fees, a figure that is growing by $2.67 million a month.

This WSJ article I’m quoting from describes Beninati’s collapse as a bellwether of looming disaster, and it may be right: when Joe turns up on the scene, the party’s over, as The New Yorker’s Nick Paumgarten noticed when he visited Greenwich in 2008 and reported on, among other characters, Joe Bennati and his partner Jim Cabrera  in  a piece, “A Greenwich of the Mind” , which was appropriately subtitiled “What happen when the downturn got up market?”

Here’s Paumgarten’s assessment of just one of the Antares Boyz failed projects, the huge pile of rock off Langhorne Lane:

In recent years in Greenwich, as elsewhere, many developers have made a great deal of money buying up empty lots or teardowns and building enormous speculative ready-to-occupy mansions. You see them everywhere, a proliferating clan of insta-mini-giganto luxury houses, modest at ten to fifteen million dollars apiece. Their banal extravagance both mitigates and exacerbates what people either too rich or too poor to live in such houses would consider their tackiness.

Lake Carrington is enormous and speculative but not quite occupant-ready. It was framed out and drywalled but otherwise unfinished: no bathroom or kitchen fixtures, no moldings. The floors are plywood. It is a husk. To move in, a buyer would need to put in an additional five to fifteen million dollars’ worth of work. The developers’ name for this situation was “couture-ready,” the stated theory being that the buyers, whoever they might be, would want to customize the guts, but not the shell, to their taste.

Another way of looking at Lake Carrington was that it was a Potemkin manor, a movie set, not as much a dream house as a house in a dream. The developers, in a booklet promoting the property, which was known around their office as “the Bible,” had described it as “Gatsby-esque,” inadvertently summoning up the pretense and the tragedy, rather than the grandeur, of West Egg. The Bible featured stock photographs of polo players, vintage-car grilles, little girls blowing cattails: a Greenwich of the mind. The house was, in one sense, an entirely superficial confection of Greenwichness, and, in another, a canny apotheosis of it. Lake Carrington went on the market in April, 2007, listed at twenty-eight million dollars.

“Potemkin manor” is an apt description of all that these two individuals achieved, and the NYC broker who’s still suing Bennati for stiffing them on their commission for Sutton Place would undoubtedly say that the sham continued across the border.


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From Augustine to Katie Grimes or, it’s all over now, Baby Blue

Katie grimes photo

It’s come to this :The face of modern Catholic theology, Katie Grimes

A little white girl named Katie Grimes is going to be teaching Villanova students all about their racist, white supremacy church and the evils it has done.

A Villanova theology course will teach students that the Catholic Church is guilty of operating as an instrument of racial segregation and white supremacy — a problem which can only be fixed by embracing “black theology,” which is “[u]niquely capable of grasping the truth of the Gospel.”

“Racism and the Catholic Church” will be offered to Villanova students starting in the fall of 2016 and counts toward both a major in theology and a minor in “peace and justice.”

A course description offered by the university’s Center for Peace and Justice  states that “Although the Catholic Church understands itself as the Body of Christ, the lived history of the church in the United States shows that the church has not been able to bring blacks and whites together as members of one body.”

“This course will explore the way in which the church has operated as an instrument of not racial unity and justice but racial segregation and white supremacy,” the description continues.

According to the theology department, the course will also study the example of African-American Catholics who “have engaged in theology as a way to unmask, expose, and endure the evils of white supremacy.”

“Uniquely capable of grasping the truth of the Gospel, black theology makes a vital theological contribution to the global church,” the description states. “Inspired by their example, this course seeks to empower you to supply solutions to the theological problem of white supremacy.”

Grimes’ existence in the academic world  should not be blamed entirely on Villanova; she was trained at Notre Dame, where she obtained bachelor and masters degrees, and her analytical skills were further honed at my own B.C., which issued her a Phd. So the pestilence has metastasized; the question is, where will these people with otherwise useless degrees go when the colleges that employ them go under? There can’t be that many government jobs to employ them, can there? Even under a Clinton or Sanders’ administration?

Que the “Homeless in New York” theme music.


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