From Augustine to Katie Grimes or, it’s all over now, Baby Blue

Katie grimes photo

It’s come to this :The face of modern Catholic theology, Katie Grimes

A little white girl named Katie Grimes is going to be teaching Villanova students all about their racist, white supremacy church and the evils it has done.

A Villanova theology course will teach students that the Catholic Church is guilty of operating as an instrument of racial segregation and white supremacy — a problem which can only be fixed by embracing “black theology,” which is “[u]niquely capable of grasping the truth of the Gospel.”

“Racism and the Catholic Church” will be offered to Villanova students starting in the fall of 2016 and counts toward both a major in theology and a minor in “peace and justice.”

A course description offered by the university’s Center for Peace and Justice  states that “Although the Catholic Church understands itself as the Body of Christ, the lived history of the church in the United States shows that the church has not been able to bring blacks and whites together as members of one body.”

“This course will explore the way in which the church has operated as an instrument of not racial unity and justice but racial segregation and white supremacy,” the description continues.

According to the theology department, the course will also study the example of African-American Catholics who “have engaged in theology as a way to unmask, expose, and endure the evils of white supremacy.”

“Uniquely capable of grasping the truth of the Gospel, black theology makes a vital theological contribution to the global church,” the description states. “Inspired by their example, this course seeks to empower you to supply solutions to the theological problem of white supremacy.”

Grimes’ existence in the academic world  should not be blamed entirely on Villanova; she was trained at Notre Dame, where she obtained bachelor and masters degrees, and her analytical skills were further honed at my own B.C., which issued her a Phd. So the pestilence has metastasized; the question is, where will these people with otherwise useless degrees go when the colleges that employ them go under? There can’t be that many government jobs to employ them, can there? Even under a Clinton or Sanders’ administration?

Que the “Homeless in New York” theme music.


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25 responses to “From Augustine to Katie Grimes or, it’s all over now, Baby Blue

  1. QP

    The degradation of the American university continues.

    The idiot kids who take out loans to pay for these classes are being sold into debt slavery, not that different from the Children’s Crusade. They’ve signed on to save Affirmative Action, save Gay Marriage, and champion Victimology, They’ll be less employable, less marriageable, and likely too stupid to know any better.

    • Cos Cobber

      Uncle Bernie plans to free them from their stupidity with his college debt relief plan. Naturally, that will serve only to create ever more so called justice warriors.

      This non sense shows no signs of abating. We are only in the second inning.

  2. W

    Would Katie give this same class at the all-black Catholic Xavier University in New Orleans?

  3. Fatdaddy

    Word is that the Nazi’s in Greenwich, that Sarah is exposing, are planning on relocating the house to Conyers Farm:

    “The Austrian government is attempting to seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born to prevent it becoming a rallying point for Nazi sympathisers.
    The building, in the town of Braunau am Inn, is unmarked except for a memorial stone, which reads: “For peace, freedom and democracy. Never again fascism – the millions of dead remind us.”

  4. Doug

    Catholic charities help millions of people with no concern for their color or religion. I guess that’s not enough, and it never is for the left.

    • Anonymous

      Churches everywhere should be helping people as a condition of maintaining their tax-free status….. But religion fucks up a lot of people too. Two sides to the coin.

    • Yos

      Anon, above, reminds us that it it always easier to destroy than to rebuild. That’s another feature of the Left: Utter moral laziness.

      Keep the Faith, Chris. Cheers!

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    Who are you to criticize the only correct religion? You lily white, boney assed WASPY WASP!! HEATHEN!! HERITIC!!

    Catholicism is built on guilt. The Jews tried to steal it, but it’s the Catholics who really own the whole guilt trip. We gave the Jews the corner on money instead. And the whole control of Hollywood. And the MSM. Those Jews drove a really hard deal. No surprise there, right?

    And you Waspy Wasps don’t feel guilty about ANYTHING!! Even though you are the reason we have all of these problems today. YES THAT’S RIGHT!! It is all your fault. So who are you to address this issue? It’s akin to a prostitute discussing fidelity. You little whore!

    Anyhows, guilt is at the core of any good religion. If you don’t feel bad about shit, and don’t think you are a vile, disgusting sinner, what is there to be saved from? NOTHING!! You infidel.

    So the key to being the BEST religion, is feeling, at your core, that you are a bad person. THAT IS THE KEY!!

    And us Catholics are the BESTEST at feeling bad about ourselves.Guilty of EVERYTHING!! How else do you explain all the Irish Catholics?

    And which is why we are better than you Waspy Wasps!


    Your Pal,

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    And the only reason your second rate religion even exists today is so Henry the 7Th could get divorced. You guys just wanted to set your own rules! And there are NONE!! You have no rules!! You took the easy path. You felt good about yourselves. You sicken me.

    You infidels don’t even believe in sin. Except not being able to get into the right country club.

    You ruined it for the witches. Except for the one I married. A Catholic managed to sneak in as President, and what did you do? You shot him. AND YES I MEAN YOU!! You grassy knoll little hobbit.

    So who are you to criticize Catholosimismism? We feel bad enough about stuff already. We are guilt ridden sinners.

    And what do you do? YOU RUB IT IN!! You sit there behind your manicured lawn, playing croquette with Buffy and Muffin, and Biff, in your pink pants, boat shoes, and turned up collar Polo shirt, WITH A SWEATER TIED AROUND YOUR NECK, and go by the name of Gideon. YOU WEAR BOW TIES!! TELL ME THAT IS NOT A SIN!

    So stop picking on us. We can pile enough guilt on ourselves.

    You in town? Brunch and catch up? My treat. You pagan loser.
    Your Pal,

  7. Walt

    Dude –

    And it’s not like I haven’t already proved my point. But…..BUT THINK OF THIS!!

    Your religion was founded on a head cutting king wanting to get divorced. Whooppee do! Catholocismiisims is based on a dead Jew on a stick.

    Dead Jew on a stick tops pain in the ass wife every time. WE WIN!!

    Unless of course you have to live with them. Do you guys accept converts?

    Your Pal,

  8. Anonymous

    What if she scheduled her class and nobody showed up?

  9. AJ

    In colonial America, even post 1776, everyone had to pay taxes to the church. Which church depended on which colony or, post 1776, which state — in Virginia it was the Anglican church, and in Massachusetts it was the Congregationalists, aka the Puritans. Even if you belonged to a different church, another faith, you still had to pay. In Boston, Quakers were imprisoned, even hanged for heresy.

    Jefferson and Madison worked hard against great opposition to change that. Could you imagine an America with a pharaoh and a priesthood?

  10. Anonymous

    Thank her parents. They’re the dumbasses who paid for this nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      Do not be so sure that her parents paid for the indoctrination. 43% of the roughly 22 million Americans with federal student loans weren’t making payments as of Jan. 1. You may be on the hook.

  11. Once

    Some kids are borrowing money to take that course.

    • And planning to vote for Bernie so the rest of us can take on the burden of paying it back. Yet they despise capitalism and the profit motive that drives the people they’re counting on to bail them out.
      So who’s the sucker here?

  12. This one's for AJ