Not sure I’d want him handling my money when the next panic hits


Cut me off in my Beemer and you’re dead, honey

New Canaan resident and Greenwich Morgan Stanley broker John Slattery arrested for road rage incident.

Police responded to a parking lot at Greenwich Hospital on a report of a verbal dispute there. A woman in the parking lot told police a man had followed her for several miles on North Street to the hospital. He parked his car behind her’s [sic] and began yelling about an incident on Monday in which she had cut of his car in traffic, according to police. The woman was described as “visibly shaking and crying” by officers.

John Slattery, 43, of Canoe Hill Road, was charged with a misdemeanor count of breach of peace. He was released without bail and ordered to appear in court later this month.

Anyone can lose his temper, but chasing a woman several miles down North Street to confront her doesn’t strike me as the behavior of someone who’d be cool in a crisis.

Plus, that’s loutish behavior. Bad form.

UPDATE: Holy cow, a reader spotted what I hadn’t: the incident that so fired up our steroid broker happened on a Monday, he spent the week seething about it and when he spotted her on Friday, he went after her. This is not someone who snapped, it’s the behavior of a very disturbed individual.

Released without bail? Good Lord, Annie grab your gun.


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58 responses to “Not sure I’d want him handling my money when the next panic hits

  1. Anonymous


  2. hmmm

    does it matter that he was chasing a woman?

    • Mickster

      Yep. Kinda does. He probably wouldn’t have chased a bricklayer in a pickup who would beat his sorry ass!
      If she knew she was being followed she should have driven to the Police Palace.

      • hmmm

        that’s not what we’re saying here at least i don’t think that is what CF was referring to. why should it matter?

      • He’s not a bricklayer, but one of my boys would have beaten his sorry ass alright!

        • Does your son get any reaction with his bumper sticker? The SJWs apparently have poor impulse control when they encounter one of those…

        • chris- this son is 6’3, the former Army sniper who loves the USA, wears his American pride on his sleeve and in his heart. I guarantee you no SJW wimp would dare go near his Trump sticker.

    • Yup – I’m enough of a chauvinist pig to think men shouldn’t threaten to strike women. And as Mickster points out, it’s cowardly.

    • Walt

      It would be rearry rearry bad if she was a Chinee woman. We all know they can’t drive.
      What does a baby born to a PR and Chinaman grow up to be? A car thief who can’t drive!!

  3. Anonymous

    Probably had his clients fully invested in Peabody and Valeant, since he got a good tip last year from the Uber driver who happened to be taking him to Flashdancers.

  4. LAK

    What a jerk!
    I just forwarded this to a COO (good friend) at MS!
    You’re right about the Police Palace!

  5. Anonymous

    I bet if you dig deeper there are domestic “issues” like 911 calls that were hung up on and situations where charges were dropped.

  6. Riverside Chick

    I hope she recorded it with her cell phone and documented the incident.

  7. Anonymous

    Big man, small penis. Maybe there’s more to the story. Pissed off client previously complaining in said Big Man Small Penis’s office about excessive broker fees or portfolio churn?

  8. housecat

    Is this the same guy that sped away from NC 5-0 in the Douchebag Yellow McLaren, or is there something in the water up there?

    • Anonymous

      Apparently it ain’t easy being a broker at the house of morgan these days, what with women cutting you off on the highway and all. Between that, and more automated online tools geared toward the young & tech savvy, the broker life is glorified clerk, pushing out internal research and products that nobody wants. Dinosaurs in the making.

      • Anonymous

        Spot on

      • Riverside Dog Walker

        Especially when you are one of 50+ brokers listed at the One Fawcett Place office. Is that a boiler room? Is there really that much demand for financial advice here?

        He might want to try selling real estate instead. Commissions are probably better and he can write off the BMW.

        • Anonymous

          If a quick Google search is correct, that would be a doubling down on RE in the household as source of income, which puts too much concentration risk in one revenue stream.

  9. Anonymous

    he’s guilty of bad behavior are most of you…

    • housecat

      Writing snarky comments on CF’s blog? Check.
      Terrorizing other drivers, following them to their destination and threatening them to the point where the cops are called in? Nope.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, this isn’t just “bad behavior”. Uncontrollable rage leads to violence coupled with the “rules don’t apply to me” personality disorder which many upper level wall streeters have=ticking time bomb.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guilty of following my wife, in separate cars, to the in-laws for dinner. That way, I can leave early, and blame an emergency work call.

    • Riverside Chick

      More like mentally ill behavior. I’m sure the cop tried to diffuse the situation and couldn’t which led to an arrest .

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Oh, I kinda wish it had been me. He would have been very sorry, indeed, by the time I got through with him.

  11. WTF

    Uh, yeah — some mental illness there. Re-read the GWTimes article:

    The event happened when he followed her on a Friday MORNING because he was pissed off the woman had cut him off the previous MONDAY. WTF! So, he was pissed off for 4 full days and gets into it like this on a Friday morning??? And, then doesn’t let up until he’s arrested?? Jesus H. Christ. This guy is unstable.

  12. Slattery is an ass

    Here is the story behind John Slattery. In his 20s he worked for a huge producer at Merrill Lynch at the WFC who was only slightly more anti-social. This is where John learned to be a million-plus producer and how to act juvenile.

    I remember seeing him at UBS in the early 2000s, storming around, in a rage, looking for anyone that could track a license plate. He had ass-kicking to do; people had cut him off on the road and got away. That was 15 years ago. Notice the long-term trend?

    Since he is such a successful broker (over a million in billable fees and commissions) his sociopathic behavior was tolerated by management. Although there were times when he was forced to apologize to females in operations when he physically intimidated and berated them. Notice another long-term trend? He is at least 6’2″ and his favorite target are petite females.

    Good to see he finally got caught. My only regret is that the woman was not armed. He is a menace to society.

    • Funny how small the financial world actually is. And yup, readers, Slattery’s CV is just as described by this commenter: Merrill Lynch, UBS, Morgan.

    • Anonymous

      Mind boggling. Yet, not really.

      Ironic that he’s on board of Covenant House, which itself is a compassionate, wonderful organization.

      • Anonymous

        It’s just to make himself look good and get connections/clients. He could care less about helping people

        • Anonymous

          I find it repugnant that people treat many charitable organizations as selfish means or a way to climb in social status–the latter probably more in their own minds than in reality.

          Was at a big event recently for a wonderful cause, and to see the way people behave after a lot of drinks….it’s just sad. Would have rather seen the event not held and the party $ go straight to the cause instead.

          Guess the folks who like to see their photos in magazines/online or get publicly thanked would object to that.

    • Anonymous

      Funniest comment on the Dealbreaker link:

      “he is in PWM. More of a smith barney guy if you ask me.”

      So true!

      I worked at Salomon back in days the of yore, and when the SSB merger happened, it was like oil & water. Good grief the torment the SSB guys received…so much fun and hijinks that could never happen in today’s PC world.

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Is he married with children? God help them.

    • Anonymous

      Guys like this need to be married. They treat their wife like an employee and he has kids just as an accessory to make himself look good. I just hope she’s stashing $ . It doesn’t end well with these types. Usually divorce , bankruptsy and unemployment in the future.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      As someone pointed out to me, it appears his wife is a realtor in New Canaan.

    • The truth

      Yes. And cheats on his wife regularly

  14. Anonymous


  15. Anonymous

    even though embarrassing. maybe she is glad it is out in the open and now doesn’t have to deal with it silence and get some help…just a thought

    • housecat

      I think the best comment award goes to the guy who coined the phrase “pulling a Slattery.”

  16. Anonymous

    Genuinely, I hope he gets fired for this and swallows a bucket of humility to counter his hubris. And importantly, that a termination shows up on his FINRA record.

    Let karma work its magic.

    These types ruin the work environment in the industry, and reputation.