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Well then, build a wall and keep them from entering in the first place

Alien children

Not our problem; or it shouldn’t be

Minor Illegal aliens surge into the US.

The number of children apprehended on the U.S. border attempting to immigrate illegally has surged more than 1,200 percent since 2011 and the number of these children crossing the border during 2016 could be another record, according to a newly released government report.

The number of unaccompanied alien children (UACs) illegally crossing the U.S. border “has increased sharply” since 2011, with a surge of more than 1,200 percent just between 2011 and 2014, according to the Congressional Research Service. The agency also disclosed that the flow has increasing significantly in the first five months of fiscal 2016.

The illegal immigration of these children hit record-breaking numbers in 2014, with U.S. officials apprehending more than 52,000 alien children. Nearly 20,000 have been apprehended in the first five months of 2016, setting the stage for another potentially record-breaking year.

“This unexpected surge of children strained U.S. government resources and created a complex crisis with humanitarian implications,” the report said. “They increased in the first five months of FY2016, however, and experts warn that significant migration flows will continue until policymakers in the countries of origin and the international community address the poor socioeconomic and security conditions driving Central Americans to leave their homes.”

The illegal immigrant surge was composed mostly of children who had fled from Central American nations—including El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras—before making their way to the United States across the Mexican border.

The surge has led the Obama administration to request at least $1 billion in fiscal 2016, according to the report. More than $770 million is expected to be allocated through 2017.

“U.S. apprehensions of unaccompanied children remain at elevated levels, placing strains on government resources and raising concerns domestically and internationally about the safety and protection of the children,” the report said.

Analysts warn that the flow of illegal children will only increase as a result of poor economic conditions in Central America and a U.S. immigration policy that is viewed as advantageous to illegal immigrants.

The problem has been further complicated by the U.S. government’s inability to conduct mass deportations of those apprehended at the border. This is due in part to inefficiency in many Central American countries.

“None of the governments have effective means of tracking deported children after their return,” according to the report. “The countries have very few programs to reintegrate the children into society, ensure their safety from domestic abuse or societal violence, keep them in school, or help them find jobs. Without any of those conditions assured, many children are likely to try to migrate again.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported just “178 unaccompanied children to El Salvador, 544 to Guatemala, and 419 to Honduras, for a total of 1,141 children” in fiscal year 2015, the report states.

More than 28,300 unaccompanied children were apprehended at the border in that year.

If we can’t get rid of them once they’re here, why don’t we keep them out of here ?



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Here’s a case where sticking to their guns paid off (don’t tell Hillary)

8 Patricia Lane

8 Patricia Lane

The owners of 8 Patricia Lane, off Bible Street in Cos Cob, put their house up for sale last year, priced at $2.975 million, and never budged from that number. Today, 248 days later, they apparently got their price, and report a contingent contract.

I showed this house to clients back in 2004; they passed, but these owners didn’t, and paid $2,312,500 for the privilege. I wasn’t hugely impressed with the house itself; pretty standard builder fare, but the real problem here is the approach: it’s on the border of lower Bible Street’s sausage makers district, and the path to Patricia is pretty rough, especially for a $3 million house.

There are ways around that obstacle: up Valley, down Dandy, hang a left on Bible and immediately turn onto Patrica, just before the smell of marinara sauce and garlic begins. The listing agent, however, suggests an even more circuitous route, directing readers of the listing to travel up Stanwich, down Cat Rock, then traverse a mile of the good part of Bible Street to Patricia Lane.

That adds about an hour to your trip, but if you don’t care for Scarpelli’s Sausage and don’t want to see the last vestige of Cos Cob’s original roots, I guess it’s the price you’ll pay.


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Low $1s is the magic number these days

57 Long Meadow

57 Long Meadow Rd

57 Long Meadow Road, NoPo Riverside, pending at $1.295 million.

44 Summit

44 Summit Road, home of Davey Crockett’s last stand

44 Summit Road, Riverside, pending, also $1.295.

3 Whitney Drive, way up off Bedford Road, tried $2.450 in 2007, and failed, tried again in 2014 at $1.949 million and two years later, having dropped to $1.425, has a buyer. My guess is that it’ll end up closing at price close to the two houses cited above.

3 Whitney Drive

3 Whitney Drive


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Highway robbery in the back country

5 dwight lane

5 Dwight Lane

Well no, not really, but 5 Dwight Lane, originally listed for $5.295 million in 2012, dropped its price all the way down to $2.750, and today reports a pending sale. The house was designed and built by Kaali-Nagy for his brother, and I was really, really impressed with it when I first saw it four years ago. The only thing I didn’t like about it, in fact, was its price: even with 12,000 s. ft. of superb construction, on 6 beautiful acres, it was (a) and contemporary and (b) far, far from town. Contemporaries can certainly be sold, but the added liability of a 90 minute drive to Greenwich Avenue was a killer.

Still, when I saw it that spring say so long ago, while I didn’t think it would fetch close to its asking price, I never thought it would sell this cheaply. I’m assuming its final price will end up around $2.5, and that’s an astonishing price for such a nice house, no matter how far north it is – it’s still Greenwich, after all.


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Phew! Britain can cancel its security alert

Judge Christopher Plunkett

Pretty in Purple – Judge Christopher Plunkett takes a bold step to stop terrorism in its tracks

Jails SAS decorated hero for 15 moths after he’s found guilty of keeping a revolver captured during the Falklands War

Albert Patterson said he kept the 9mm pistol, taken from an Argentinian officer, to remind him of the 22 friends who died in the conflict.

He served for 22 years, in the Parachute Regiment and then in the SAS. Last night his supporters said the case was ‘another example of troops being persecuted by a government and courts obsessed with political correctness’.

Sentencing him to 15 months in prison for the possession of the war trophy, Judge Christopher Plunkett said that he had been privileged to see Patterson’s service record.

But he said parliamentary legislation left him with little choice over the sentence.

‘In the wrong hands these weapons could lead to the death of police officers or cause all sorts of mayhem,’ Judge Plunkett told Hereford Crown Court. ‘It is this risk that Parliament is concerned about.’

“Suppose one of the Muslim terrorists we have all over here got ahold of it,” Judge Plunkett told FWIW. “We’re told by our nation’s security forces they’re watching at least 3,000 active terrorists, none of whom we can deport, because it would violate their human rights, and all of whom we support on the dole, so they can better devote their time to their religious duty of jihad.

“Just suppose one of those fellows with time on his hands found this pistol, eh? The stand against terrorism must start somewhere, and we choose to start in the homes of British British soldiers who have demonstrated a capacity for violence.” .


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