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Given the slow, limited market for these things, this is a surprise


Life stirs in the Elephant Graveyard

7 Old Round Hill Lane, that development off John Street, 14,000 sure feet and asking $12 million, reports a pending sale. There are so many houses like this out there, I’m surprised someone settled on this one, especially when the Saper-built home at the base of this road was available, until this past fall, for $4.9 million. But ….


26 Jones Prk Drive

26 Jones Park Drive

Not so surpassing is news that 26 Jones Park Drive in Riverside, $4.925 million, is also pending. Brother Gideon commented here a few months back that we would never have imagined the Newhall’s price asking $5 million back in the mid-60s, but that was then, this is now. Great street.


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And 3 sales

32 Grahampton

32 Grahampton

32 Grahampton Lane, sold for $3.550. Marketed and sold as land.

29 Indian Mill Road

29 Indian Mill Road

29 Indian Mill Road, Cos Cob, fetched $1.550 million, which is what the sellers paid for it in 2014. My personal opinion of the house was, I did’t like it. It’s been so chopped up and remodeled that, to me, it made no sense. But then again, two different buyers have decided they liked enough to buy it, in less than two years, so opinions can and do differ.

12 Butler Street

Typical Cos Cob shanty (photo credit, Cos Cob Tourist Bureau)

12 Butler Street sold for $735,000. It was listed at $625,000, but I’m pretty sure: Mckster, Cos Cobber or Farricker can correct me, the foreclosing bank rejected an offer in that amount and got this higher price.

Or there was a bidding war, which would have been foolish – not that that hasn’t happened before.


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Contracts reported

17 Byfield

17 Byfield

17 Byfield Lane, asking $2.250 million. This house sold in March, 2005 for $1.995, the buyers renovated it (quickly) and put it back on the market that September for $2.995 million, and didn’t get it. It sold for $2.4 in s006 and now, $2.250 (or a little less, assuming some negations have taken place.)

It’s a pretty good house and at this price, a decent deal. I wasn’t wild about that 2005 renovation but the mechanicals are now in good shape and the layout much improved.

11 Wyngate

17 Wyngate

And 11 Wingate, same area, but a bit further removed from the Meritt, also has a contract – asking $1.975 million.

Both these homes seem pretty representative of what $2 million gets you these days. Nothing exciting, but certainly perfectly livable.



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If it’s such a great idea, how come they have to force taxpayers to fund it?

Carrizo Plain solar energy

Abandoned Carrizo Plains solar energy plant, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Having nothing better to do with their time, and lacking a suitable diversion from the billion dollar deficit they’ve created, Hartford Democrats are looking to revive subsidies for municipal solar energy projects.

Have you ever noticed that all these social programs described as “investments” never pay off? Never have follow-up stories a decade later, demonstrating the money we’ve saved? From universal pre-K, to high speed bus lanes and trains, to uni-sex bicycles, the money will be spent, but never recouped.

A good rule of thumb on all SJW projects: if it makes no economic sense now, it never will. Ever.


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Greenwich, you are so déclassé


Don’t be an Archie

One William Hanson, Britain’s youngest, gayest etiquette “expert” has news for Americans and aspiring middle-class Brits: Your taste is God-awful, and you’re all louts. 

Mr. Hanson, who rose from the obscure ranks of Britain’s underclass to go on to the prestigious University of Manchester, now occupies his time dictating what is “Klass wit a capital K” and what is simply bad, bad taste. Among other telltale signs of blue collar origins:

Hot tubs

Big screen TVs

In-home theatres

Huge refrigerators

Refrigerator magnets

Patio heaters

New furniture

Family portraits on canvas (okay, I’ll give him this)

Grand piano, if you can’t play it (this too)

Wall-to-wall carpeting (hmmm; maybe)

So there: aren’t you ashamed of yourself, your taste, and your moral character?



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