As long as the bulldozer’s in the neighborhood, they could do this one, then cross the street and knock down Cindy Renfrew’s and effect a saving

309 taconic309 Taconic Road, Stanley Cheslock’s monument to stupidity and himself (but then, I repeat myself), has taken another price cut and can now be yours for $10.9 million. Of course, it refused to sell back in 2013 at $9.750 million, but considering the price history of this house, which started at $26 million in 2006, $10.9’s as good, or bad a choice as any.

What’ll actually happen, eventually, is that someone will figure out what its 22 acres are worth, deduct the cost of razing this monstrosity, discount it a bit further just to take advantage of the situation, and voila! A sale.

I’m guessing $5.5, but I’ve always been an optimist.

309 Taconic III



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33 responses to “As long as the bulldozer’s in the neighborhood, they could do this one, then cross the street and knock down Cindy Renfrew’s and effect a saving

  1. Good thinking leaving the scaffolding up and making decks out of it.

  2. FF

    I want the pizza oven. I do recollect also that it is a 3 bedroom house, and one of the bedrooms is quite small

  3. AJ

    Put an orange roof on it and turn it into a Howard Johnson’s.

  4. Anonymous

    why no interior pics, esp the money shot with that ginormous 3 story window?

    that house is far better than the playboy mansion (which is a dump and in serious disrepair, by the way, according to a friend of a friend’s brother’s cousin’s uncle’s nephew’s brother in law who saw it last month), plus an 8 car garage, maybe more if double height and a 4 post lift. and an indoor pool!

    walt would love it.

  5. Matt

    That has to be the most exterior photos for a listing I’ve ever seen.

  6. Cos Cobber


  7. This 2008 article about the home, the sale of said home, the owners – pretty funny (and sad).

    There used to be a video of Mrs. Cheslock giving someone a tour of the home – searching for it now comes up with nothing….l/c chris, do your thang.

    • cleaning lady busted my NSA thingee, but, here’s some lovely quotes (from eight long years ago):

      • Matt

        God, both of those articles make them sound so obnoxious (I know Mrs Cheslock is anything but). Still, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since they started trying to unload it, and 8 since it first went to the sealed bidding. Still not surprised of course, if you are going to spend that kind of money, you want YOUR own house, not someone else’s.

        Anyway, what is the thought on what those 22 acres are worth today at land value?? It’s rather hilly and still a decent ride from downtown after all…..

    • Anonymous

      “a French birdcage elevator that rises 40 feet from the great room to the cupola — which, Mrs. Cheslock said, gets used “every time somebody comes over and we ask them if they want to go up and see the cupola.”
      Pretty sad indeed.

      Bit of buyers remorse?

      Mr. Cheslock said “There’s nowhere else in Greenwich with this kind of privacy.”
      Mrs. Cheslock corrected him.
      “Well, there’s Conyers Farm, a gated community where most of the estates are 20 or 40 acres,” she pointed out.
      I doubt that monstrosity would’ve been allowed in Conyers.

  8. Greenwich Gal

    Whatever happened to them, I wonder?

    • Is this the same Stanley Cheslock????? Looks similar, just older than this photo from 2009

      If it is, someone at this firm didn’t do much homework. Read this part of his bio on the company website:

      Stan is widely known for his expertise in combining fundamental knowledge of real estate valuation with sophisticated use of the complex financial techniques required in the modern real estate marketplace.

  9. But it has a lap pool, Chris’s favorite feature!

  10. AJNock

    I’d happily live in that monstrosity. If somebody else paid the taxes and upkeep.

  11. Anonymous

    Funny Ogilvy is living in his old house outside of Belle Haven

  12. Anonymous

    Nothing a drone strike would’nt cure

  13. Nick

    My company worked on the construction of the Cheslock’s house. It’s a very strange home. Some aspects of it are first rate…top quality materials and craftsmanship, while others are straight outta Home Depot. And the design?
    Huge, soaring arched ceilings, interrupted by that that dopey, useless elevator to nowhere,
    Mrs. Cheslock was somewhat forlorn during the process. She seemed like a nice, simple schoolteacher…happy in a builder’s colonial, but being dragged into building a monster home by her ego-driven husband.