Contracts reported

21 Cherry Valley

21 Cherry Valley

21 Cherry Valley Road, the former (weekend, on presumes) home of the late Stephen Madoff, has a contract just 7 days after hitting the market at $1.775. We discussed it last week. Decent house, in serious need of updating, swamp property, bad karma.

100 Orchard Street

100 Orchard Street

Also flying off the shelves is 100 Orchard, 13 days, asking $1.895 million. Beautiful house, busy street. These owners paid $1.625 for it in 2014 and don’t seem to have done much to it except live in it, so there’s your Cos Cob market indicator.

112 Orchard

112 Orchard Street

112 Orchard, $989,000, lasted 23 days.

As for land, 36 Evergreen, 0.66 acres on that little dead end off lower Lake Avenue, asked $1.565 17 days ago, and also has a contract today.


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32 responses to “Contracts reported

  1. Camille Fusco

    How long did 8 Kent last? Four days?

  2. Anonymous

    Cos cob is hot! While we are on the subject of real estate: may I air a grievance? Here’s the perfect example: 19 Stoney Ridge Lane just came on. It is a .29 acre lot so it has a FAR of around 3700 square feet. YET, the listing states that it is 4,282 and specifically notes that the square footage does NOT include the lower level. So how can that be? How can they have an extra 500 square feet in the home when FAR does not allow it? This kind of misstatement drives me crazy and why isn’t it illegal? Doesn’t GAR make any rules that protect the consumer or is it all about the agents?

  3. Anonymous

    Spring market…… Anything under 2m in eastern greenwich seems to fly off the shelf!

    • Anonymous

      Please look at a map. Cos Cob is not in Eastern Greenwich. Thank god. The people are nicer.

      • Anonymous

        And…Cherry Valley is in backcountry, and Evergreen is just off lower Lake Ave. So, check out a map after you put the Chardonnay down.

      • Anonymous

        I would strongly agree. I know many parents who left the OGRR youth baseball for the nicer crowds you meet via Greenwich Rec.

  4. Anonymous

    Surprised they went so quickly with the synagogue being built next door. Any insight?

  5. Cos Cobber

    Anyone notice that 100, 108, 108k, and 112 orchard all have gone contract in the past 6 weeks. Something else is afoot.

    • Anonymous

      Well, you’re official representative of the ‘hood in FWIW Land. Investigate and report back, Bro.

    • Anonymous

      I’d expect some new builds at 108 and 108k. Good size lots and the contract at 100 would support new construction within reason.

    • Matt

      There seems to be an awful lot of stuff coming on the market in the area of Orchard and nearby streets. Maybe a coincidence, or are people hightailing it because of the synagogue and possible traffic etc generated by it?

      • Houses are selling in those areas. This one took a hit, but I’d attribute that to buying new construction at the height of the market. Really, nowhere to go but down. As for traffic generated by the synagogue, this particular house sits across from Central Middle School: now that’s a traffic generator.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Off topic. But the artist formerly known as Prince has died! First David Bowie and now Prince? Keith Richards better buy some life insurance.

    Your Pal,

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    He is the little guy in the red hat. Just so you know. He was a fairly well known musician.

    Your Pal,

  8. Walt

    You just have to trust me on this one Dude.

  9. deleted

    Eerie…but for some reason most of Prince’s streaming music & video has disappeared from the internet. Control from beyond? Or maybe he’s really not dead????

  10. Anon

    Congratulations to the seller of 112!
    100 orchard just a few doors down looks Amazing!
    Architect did a great job.

  11. Anonymous

    And 63 Indian Field Road, Cos Cob, sold in one weekend. Who would have thought that busy road would go so fast?