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No loss


I put this busing plan together with Peter Tesei and I still think it’s a darn good one. But if you want to perpetuate white privilege, then that’s just FINE with me – I’m going home

Reader Mr. 85 Broadway reports that  our school superintendent McKersie is out at the end of his contract in June 2017.

That’s just fine.


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From a world-wide apology tour in 2009 to world-scold today

Obama arroganceObama’s over in England, playing the world’s policeman again: threatens Britain with trade sanctions should it dare leave the EU.

BARACK Obama was last night accused of voter blackmail by threatening to put Britain “at the back of the queue” for a trade deal if we Brexit.

The US president issued the extraordinary warning standing alongside David Cameron after talks in Downing Street.

Leave campaigners claim the UK will be able to swiftly crack fresh deals with major partners such as America outside of the EU.

But in a bid to demolish the crux referendum argument, Mr Obama said he “figured you might want to hear from the president of the United States what I think the United States is going to do”.

He added: “Maybe some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade agreement.

“But it’s not going to happen any time soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc, the European Union, to get a trade agreement done.

“The UK is going to be in the back of the queue.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson thinks Obama’s antipathy towards Britain can be traced to his  “part-Kenyan” heritage and “ancestral dislike of the British empire”, but really, Obama hates all our allies because they, like us, were the collective imperialist western world that prevented his own countrymen from inventing the wheel. “We coulda been contendas!”


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Back again

465 Round Hill Road

465 Round Hill Road

465 Round Hill Road, which was first listed for sale in 2010 at $12.950 million, is once again  on the market, now priced at $8.995, but who knows what its price will be a month from now? I’ve commented before on the odd pricing practices of this owner and her various agents; they started at $12.950, dropped it, slowly, to the mid-$10s, then raised it back to that $12.950, then starting cutting its price again, and so on.

I’m not a huge fan of the interior of the house, but homes owned by interior decorators usually aren’t designed for the likes of me, so that’s no matter. Wonderful views from one of the highest spots in Greenwich. The owner paid film writer Jeb Stuart (“Die Hard”) $4.5 for the existing 1775 house then razed it and built this one, so I’m sure there’s a lot of money sunk in these walls; there just seems to be a problem getting it out.

More interesting than the house is the owner’s ex-husband, pornographer (and “philanthropist”, of course) Carl Ruderman.

‘The invisible man’ of porn
Ruderman, dubbed “the invisible man” of porn by fellow skin magazine publisher Al Goldstein in 1989 for his low profile, was never charged with any crime, reportedly because he told authorities that he delegated responsibility for day-to-day operations of Crescent Publishing to Chew and had no knowledge of the billing scam.

One former Crescent employee said that Ruderman certainly lived up to the “invisible man” sobriquet at the company’s Manhattan offices.

“We used to call him the Wizard of Oz, because you never saw the guy,” said the employee, who spoke with MSNBC.com on condition of anonymity. “I saw him twice the whole time I worked for him.”

The unhappy couple was divorced before the missus decamped for Greenwich with the children, but at least in some small way, the Ruderman connection helps maintain the reputation of Rogues Hill.


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Stasis in the flood zone

3 E. Point Lane

3 East Point Lane

3 E. Point Lane, Old Greenwich, sold for $3.5 million in 2006 and sold for $3.450 today.

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And eastern Greenwich, especially the low end, keeps moving

4 waterfall

4 Waterfall

4 Waterfall Lane, Cos Cob, $969,000, 9 days. Very nice, tiny street, and I’vealways liked this one.


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Sue him for violating his civil rights

Our Irish correspondent (not the Mickster, our real one) sends along this alarming article from our local Greenwich Time: MTA cop stops citizen from handing out Trump campaign literature at the Greenwich train station.

GREENWICH — Volunteers for Donald Trump were thwarted in their attempt to drum up support for the candidate at the Greenwich train station Thursday by a police officer who said they could not hand out campaign literature to commuters.

Clad in T-shirts to show their allegiance, Trump supporters hit the station for the start of the evening rush. Most of their attempts to distribute material was politely rebuffed by arriving commuters, until the planned three-hour event was cut short after an hour by a Metropolitan Transit Authority police officer.

The officer said it was illegal for the volunteers to hand out material without prior permission.

Oh really?

Malloy at train

The Gov joins his Mafia posse at the Greenwich Train Station for a little campaigning


Greenwich’s own, Dick Blumenthal


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More contracts reported

35 Old Orchard

35 Old Orchard Road

35 Old Orchard Road, Riverside NoPo, asking $2.425 million.

12 Old orchard

12 Old Orchard

And just down the street, 12 Orchard, which had a contract March 30 and then no contract the next day, has another contract. Asking $1.765 million.

8 Cary

Elegant, without being overly ostentatious

Going downscale, 8 Cary Road, $545,000, has a contract, and why not? Cary’s a funky, odd road, but the neighbors are great and the tiny lots (this one’s 0.15 acre) that front the Mianus offer fishing, skating, sailing, whathaveyou. Build a new house here and stay, say,  under $1.2 million, and you’ll probably do okay, in the long run.


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All real estate is local, I guess

22 Delwood

Shhh! Somewhere on Delwood Lane

The owners of XXX Delwood Lane insisted that its exact address not be included on the general internet but restricted it to only members of the Greenwich Multiple Listing Service. That meant that it didn’t appear on Zillow or Realtor.com or even the out of town neighboring agents’ sites.

Didn’t matter: a Greenwich agent has come up with a buyer within a week, and it reports  a contract. Asking price, $2.295 million.

The quick sale here notwithstanding, I still wonder at the wisdom of keeping one’s house off the internet in this age, where 95% of all homes searches start.

(By the way, if you save the picture above and plug it into Google’s “search by image”, the address shows up. Welcome to the 21st Century, homeowners).



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The great thing about this story is that the people who’d take the loonies’ advice are exactly the people who deserve it


Diver Dan and his Tampax collection

Eco-group urges women to use recyclable sea sponges instead of disposable tamp[ons.

Candidatura de Unidad Popular, often called the anti-system party, says other options should also be considered, such as menstrual cups and ridding the body of its natural fluids by exercising pelvic floor muscle control.

Sea sponges, which can be rinsed out and used internally each month, can last up to a year.

Any natural sea sponge can be used but NOT the manufactured one for washing up! They can be cut to fit and some women sew dental floss to them to act as a string.

The sea sponges are said to be much better for the environment, cheaper and more comfortable.

Never mind that harvesting natural sea sponges is ecologically harmful and species-threatening, at least the poor dears have been raised in a free-range, cage-free environment, and so led a good life before being sacrificed to the menses.


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When reality smacks PCness upside the head


I piss on your members only club!

D.C. bar being fined for labeling two of its urinal-only bathrooms “mens”. The bar owner says he’ll comply with the city’s demand that he change the signs but warns, “I guess we’re going to see some unusual gymnastics”.

If you’re curious to see how fast our media and leftists shift the discussion today, moving what were commonly agreed upon norms to outlandish, hateful positions (and then falsely claiming that the Republican parted has shifted to the far right by defending those positions) consider that just  year ago, a Georgetown University conservative group created a spoof petition demanding that urinals be banned from campus because thy were an unfair discriminatory practice. Hundreds of the GU students signed on for this battle against oppression and were exposed as the fools they are.

Today, one year later, the District of Columbia says that’s the law of the land.



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