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Save that date: RTM meeting May 9, 7:PM

From Joe Solari:


Trying to spread the word to get tax payers, business owners and associations to the RTM meeting on May 9th – the night the RTM votes on the budget for the town of Greenwich. We need to send a message to our town government at this meeting. Can you help me get the room overflowing? I want to see Publius, Balzac, Cato, Cos Cobber, Mickster and (and dare I say Walt) at the podium! 

Get up, Stand up against fiscal imprudence and higher taxes in Greenwich 

 It is time for the silent majority in town to speak up! 

 RTM Meeting – Monday, May 9th – 8pm – Central Middle School  

RTM meeting



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If this doesn’t give you young whippersnappers pause before procreating, you’ve wasted your education

Adult in diapers

He’s yours for life

Italy: Father ordered to keep paying for 28-year-old son’s upkeep.

An Italian court has ordered a middle-aged father to keep supporting his 28-year-old son through university, after he turned to the law to try and force his offspring to get a job.

The case underlines the country’s problem with “bamboccioni” – spoilt “big babies” who refuse to leave home and instead sponge off their parents.

The father had gone to court to argue that he should no longer be obliged to support his son, challenging one of the conditions of his divorce settlement, which had ruled that he must pay for the young man’s tertiary education.

The son completed a degree in literature, taking several years longer than expected to finish the course, and has now enrolled on a post-graduate course in experimental cinema in Bologna.

His father, who makes a modest living through writing, argued that his son should get a part-time job and start paying his own way.

“He does not deserve any further financial support, having made no effort to find work to support himself,” he told the court.

But the civil court in Modena, northern Italy, ruled that the cinema course is in keeping with the son’s “personal aspirations” and must be paid for by his father.



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Free speech as practiced in our institutions of higher learning

So they tried to hold a discussion on campus free speech the other day up at the University of Massachusetts, and the students lost their freakin’ minds. The young lady pictured here, UMass [Hamspshire College – my error]  senior Cora Miriam, waddled down the road to attend the event at the university and share her views. She will be unleashed on the general population this coming May; assuming, of course, that she doesn’t stay on campus a couple more years to finish a teaching degree that will enable her to torture our children.

But nah, this hideous blob is clearly majoring in  women’s victimhood studies.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 6.33.10 AM

Miss Cora Miriam, Mass senior

Video of Cora’s full performance here.




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