A reprieve, finally, for Special Forces Sergeant Charles Martland

Obama and Bowie's parents

Obama honors the parents of Bowie Bergdahl for raising such a fine young man. The President has yet to say a kind word to Charles Martland’s parents

The Army in its great wisdom has finally reversed itself and permitted Sergeant Martland to remain a soldier after initially kicking him out. His crime? In 2011, he shoved an Afghan officer to the ground after catching him sodomizing a boy chained to a bed.

The Army initially dismissed Martland for beating down an Afghan rapist in 2011 while on deployment in Afghanistan. When Martland confronted the Afghan commander for chaining a boy to a bed post and raping him repeatedly, the commander laughed in his face, prompting Martland to shove him to the ground, which earned him the ire of higher-ups in the military. He was sent off the base and then sent home.

The United States military has a strict policy against expressing disapproval of our allies’ quaint sexual customs – Sergeant Martland should have read that memo, and heeded it, according to his “superiors”.


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17 responses to “A reprieve, finally, for Special Forces Sergeant Charles Martland

  1. Anonymous

    These are the type of stories that will give Trump the presidency.

  2. The rank is spelled “sergeant.”

  3. uminn65

    it’s just not true. obama is not the most stupid president in history. no one as stupid as obama is rumored to be could have thought of this scheme to ruin the u.s. military.

    • Cobra

      Unless he is merely Valerie Jarrett’s puppet, jerking about as she tugs the strings per instructions from the ayatollahs.

  4. burningmadolf

    That picture is so f’n disgusting.

  5. Republican insiders confirm that nominating Trump leads ineluctably to the Hillary Presidency:

    • burningmadolf

      “Republican insiders confirm” hahahahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      Give it up Ballsack.

    • AJ

      Balzac, you’re swimming against the tide. Good workout though; keep it up. Nice to see that propaganda still works, at least on some people.

      Never took you for an open borders, pro TPP guy. But then stupid is what stupid does.

    • Walt

      Balzac –
      I assume you are smart enough to know the “Give it up Ballsack” is the retard, Right?

      • Walt

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  6. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    So then, the Army’s official policy is to condone child sexual slavery?

  7. Anonymous

    If I had one reason to declare the Obama presidency a failure this is it. I find it morally repugnant that one of our own servicemen was treated like this after he interceded for a child being sexually abused while chained. I cannot begin to tell you how offensive this is. Obama is our Commander and Chief. This never should have happened. Our liberal democrats are so full of it. For example they are protesting against Trump in California because he is a “racist,” yet they don’t see a problem with punishing a servicemen who stand up for a child who is unable lto protect himself.