All good things come to those that wait

80 Birch Lane

80 Birch Lane

80 Birch Lane finally closed, at $2.025 million. Brother Gideon remembers that we went over there together back in 2009 and suggest an asking price in “the low $2s”. To be honest, I don’t remember this specific house, but I’ve certainly given plenty of price opinions in that range, for houses of this era, in this area. Regardless of my memory – and I trust Gid’s more – the owner listed it at $3.485 that year, with predictable results.

I suppose the reason I can’t remember this price opinion jaunt is that it’s identical to so many others.

I’m not whining; this is all part of the real estate business, just observing.


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6 responses to “All good things come to those that wait

  1. Anonymous

    I’d much rather have this house than the one on Perryridge and have some fun with the $400,000 I would have saved!

  2. Reasonable Richi

    1.2 acres on Birch for $2MM that is considered a land deal. I would tear that sucker down and start fresh especially with the comp that just sold last week for around $5MM i think?

    • Guest

      The lady building the comp has a good eye for what people want. A few sellers on Birch went brokerless, including that house, and sold to people who wanted to build for a few hundred thousand dollars under market.

      Number 68 has been on for over a year and is still on. Combination of raising the land level by about 20 feet and the house having too many rooms and being too big apparently. The 20 foot drop may be off-putting.

      Not all houses of the era of this house are $2 million. The last sale of a 50s era house on Birch was for closer to $3. Looks like adding is lucrative, but not as lucrative as a teardown.

    • Definitely one of those “free house” situations, and there are a lot of them in town. The land value has eclipsed any value of the structure that sits upon it.

  3. Guest

    Many of the free houses in Greenwich are actually quite nice and in good condition. It is a lhard to account for tastes today.