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Rice eating contest

Fluffier rice means you can eat more volume, less weight in the Greenwich rice eating contest, if such a contest were ever ever held

Or I can use the news, anyway; I love rice

Cooks Illustrated’s test kitchen gurus says we’ve been cooking rice all wrong: ratio of water to rices should be 1:1, not the standard 2:1 recommended on the box, and taught to us by the cook in the family. This ratio holds for all rice types, including brown (which I was taught requires a 4:1 ratio).

Limiting evaporation is also key.


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4 responses to “News you can use

  1. James

    The more know know…🌟

  2. Well hell, just a few months ago our nation’s chief nutritionist Michelle O told us that the science of rice cooking was settled.

    I’m disappointed.

  3. Cooking lice is another matter entirely

  4. burningmadolf

    I’ve been cooking rice in my Zojirushi cookers for decades and it’s always been 1 to 1.