Obama wants to slip 100,000 Syrian muslims into the US by the end of next year


“They’re just students; we’ll give ’em all hall passes”

Congress doesn’t like it? Congress can lump it.

The Obama administration appears to be bowing to international pressure and pursuing under-the-radar “alternative” ways to bring in more Syrian and other refugees — as soon as this year.

…. At the [UN High Commission on Refugee] meeting, attended by State Department officials, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi called for countries to pursue “alternative avenues” for refugees – such as student and work visas, and expanded family reunification programs.

“These pathways can take many forms: not only resettlement, but also more flexible mechanisms for family reunification, including extended family members, [labor] mobility schemes, student visa and scholarships, as well as visa for medical reasons,” Grandi said. This followed an adviser suggesting the U.S. ask universities to offer scholarships to Syrian students, and help Syrian-Americans bring in their extended families outside the “time-consuming” refugee resettlement process.

The State Department immediately issued a media note reaffirming the “commitment to resettle at least 10,000 Syrians in FY 2016 and increase the total number of resettled refugees from around the world to 100,000 by the end of FY 2017.”

Nayla Rush, senior researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies, said she thinks the administration is “100 percent” behind the idea.

“My fear is they aren’t really going to let anyone know about it,” Rush said.

Unclear is whether the refugees can be properly vetted, especially if they come in through an array of different visa programs. In its media note, the State Department said the U.S. “has created a program to allow U.S. citizens and permanent residents to file refugee applications for their Syrian family members.”


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77 responses to “Obama wants to slip 100,000 Syrian muslims into the US by the end of next year

  1. burningmadolf

    The shit the O-man will pull between now and next January will make the Clinton’s departure look noble.

    • I posted on this back after the last election. Obama vowed to accomplish as much of his agenda to “transform America” as he could in his last year via regulations and a vastly expanded definition of executive power.
      It’s one of the few promises he’s kept.

  2. CatoRenasci

    Pitchforks! Tar! Feathers!

  3. AJ

    Obama is disallowing any checking of the refugees’ social media out of privacy concerns.

    Spying on US citizens is okay; spying on this fifth column tool of the evil empire, verboten.

  4. Mickster

    We saw how badly it worked out for Europe. Who, on this planet thinks this is a good idea?
    BTW, why was Walt so upset at my video earlier today – I thought it was (sophmorically?) hilarious and would appeal to all your Wall Street readers? It was a play on words – nothing more – man has a short fuse – especially when he thinks it’s AJ.

    • Walt

      What video Mickster? I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. I never watch any videos posted here. No matter who posts them.

      • Mickster

        The promo for Dicken’s Cider

      • Walt

        I scrolled back because I really was confused by your comment. And I had no idea what cider video you were even referring to. I was addressing the ability to identify anyone by IP address, which the Dude raised in that thread. It was an out of sequence. I was not addressing any particular posting other that that.

      • anon

        You are missing a ton here if you never look at posted videos. Readers go to a lot to find something interestingly related to the thread so it seems pretty snooty of you to ignore them. We look at all your linked photos and gifs, although after all your AJ ranting, I barely even skim your comments. You’ve said a dozen times you are moving on from the juvenile feud then bam, there it is again. Go back to the old dead baby joke Walt, not this crazed obsessive dude. It’s really an unattractive side of you.

        • Anonymous

          Who had time for videos? (Aside from the aarp set who still send group joke emails.) been reading this blog 6+ yrs, never once watched a commenter’s video. Let walt bash aj – aj is annoying.

  5. anon

    Obama played golf for four and a half hours today before playing dress up for his last roast at tonight’s WH Correspondents dinner. Obama is quoted “I wouldn’t rule out a couple of surprises” re his speech tonight. The only surprise that would make me happy is that he’s retiring early.

  6. Gnawbone

    I recently spoke with two friends, both recently retired from the State Department. They both scoffed at the idea that this many refugees can be properly vetted on short notice.

  7. George

    I think she made this video for Walt:

  8. Anonymous

    Our southern borders are wide open. Africans are heading to the USA from Panama and Costa Rica. There are bound to be terrorists in these groups.

    The goal is the elimination of the white race. Multiculturalism is white genocide. Donald knows the deal. Let us pray he is not in on the game too. Wake up people!

  9. Don

    What’s a few hundred thousand more third worlders after the tens-of-millions since 1966.

  10. AJ

    Remember that TV series “V” where the lizard people aliens take over the world? Then in some sort of miracle, and something that shouldn’t happen, like the mating of mules and . . . The Star Child is born.

    Hah! Well, it turns out dat shit is for real.

    Scientist: ‘Aliens Exist and Are Impregnating Human Woman on Earth to Evolve Us into Higher Beings’

    April 29, 2016 | Piper McGowin | The Daily Sheeple

    It’s the kind of headline that makes you think someone is ripping off the X-files.

    Turns out, the claim comes from Author Miguel Mendonça, 42, a former research manager who worked on green energy policy for the international NGO World Future Council and a renewable energy charity out of Bristol called The Converging World.

    Now he has published the book Meet The Hybrids: The Lives And Missions of ET Ambassadors On Earth with co-author Barbara Lamb all about how aliens are taking pregnant women up to their spacecrafts to implant genetic overlays onto their unborn children in an effort to raise Earth’s frequency and vibration to help us “evolve into higher beings”. . . (more)


  11. Anonymous

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions (financed by taxpayer dollars):


  12. Breaking News: I was wrong (no, that’s not the breaking news!). I swore that Malia would attend NYU. Read it and weep.

    From the White House:

    The President and Mrs. Obama announced today that their daughter Malia will attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017 as a member of the Class of 2021. Malia will take a gap year before beginning school.

    Malia is currently a senior at Sidwell Friends School in Washington. There was no word on what she’ll be doing next year. The Obama’s will remain in Washington for at least a couple of years while their younger daughter, Sasha, finishes up at Sidwell.

    Gap year????

    • Mickster

      Gap year is very common in Europe, EOS.

      • Anonymous

        also very common in New England

        • Swanton

          I wouldn’t say that’s common in New England at all. You might find some students transfer from a day or public school and repeat either a junior or senior year in order to get a leg up on college opportunities.

      • Walt

        The Irish are famous for taking hiatuses. They took one during the entire duration of WW ll. And rode on the sacrifice of the rest of the free world.

        • Mickster

          Au contraire, asshole!. While that was the official government position, it is well known that over 50,000 Irish fought in the British Army during WW2 and a further 200,000 civilians went to Britain to work in the war effort.
          One does have to remember that this was a brand-new republic not 20 years old, just finished with it’s own civil war and with a very strong anti-British sentiment.
          We Irish are never neutral on anything. We have fought on both sides of so many battles in this country it’s not funny. We have so many Medal of Honor winners it’s humbling. Audie Murphy?
          Sell crazy somewhere else, Walt, we’re all stocked up here.

        • Walt

          Audie Murphy was an AMERICAN. He was Irish by accident. Ireland was a coward in WW II. Read a book and look it up. It’s a fact you stood by and watched. Shall I cite you passages?

        • Don

          If it had not been for that Progressive racist, aka Woodrow Wilson, getting us into the ‘Great War’, now known as WW I, there would have been no WW II. Or had the French booted the Germans from the Rhineland, same thing, no WW II. But yeah, the Irish were to blame.

        • Mickster

          The country was OFFICIALLY neutral. Agreed. So was Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Andorra, and the Vatican. The proposal to stay neutral was made by our then President DeValera, an American, born in New York.

          There are many things our governments decide on that we don’t agree with.

          Don’t use that to denigrate a proud people that have served us all well in past battles around the world. You want the Irish up on that wall and you want them in their squad cars and you want them at the end of hose when times get tough.

        • Walt

          History is not on your side. And I am American of Irish descent. And if you call me an asshole again, I will seek you out and bitch slap your ass all over the street. Seriously. Talking like that gives the Irish a bad name. It’s crude, rude and inexcusable. So stop it. Thank you.

        • Anonymous

          Mickster: I happen to be of 100% Irish descent and also a student of military history – in my book “Celtic Courage” (available on Amazon) I outline all the many ways in which the Irish have demonstrated their courage and willingness to fight (for what they perceive to be a just cause) over the centuries. Read it, Walt – you might learn something. Old-timer

          [Edited by CF to put a link in – hey, support your local writers!]

      • I know gap years are common. It just strikes me odd that Malia would, unless she’s tired of being in a fish bowl and wants to travel or work – both good choices. I have no inherent problem with a gap year – I’m surprised her parents thought it was okay.

        • It also means they don’t have to worry about getting her off to college during their last few months in the White House. Michelle is doubtless planning an epic world tour for the family before Air Force One and all that comes with it becomes unavailable.

        • Anonymous

          Walt @ 4:26, your true colors are showing. Not much of a sense of humor after all.

    • CatoRenasci

      Malia will be working on Hillary’s Fall campaign and presidential transition….

    • Riverside Chick

      Gap year is to try and get her up to speed with tons of tutors. I knew it, only Harvard or Yale for these elitists!

    • Anonymous

      Some might say Black Privilege and daddy’s connections.

  13. She needs to take that extra year to insure that any whites, applying or matriculating at Harvard, have sufficient time to kill themselves


    • So you feel appreciated chris, I DO play EVERY video you link. Those readers who don’t seriously miss out. SERIOUSLY. 🙂

      • Walt

        EOSr –

        I think you are referring to me. Which really saddens me. I thought you were better than that.

        My previous comment was not to denigrate people who post videos. I have posted videos. I just don’t watch most of them, either because I am at work, or with my children. I am not a Haus Frau. I have to be careful about what I click. So I generally don’t click videos. Because it would be foolish to do so. Comprende?

        I think Chris is a great poster. The fact that I can’t watch all of his videos is saddening. But you piling on, and totally misinterpreting my previous post, is at best shallow on your part. I must admit my disappointment.


        • Yes Walt, that was a dig at you, and to the one Anonymous who said he/she has been a reader for six years and never watched a video.
          Your exact quote:
          I never watch any videos posted here. No matter who posts them.

          I’m not a Haus Frau either but I do read 99.999% of comments posted here, links, video and otherwise. It’s part and parcel of someone’s FWIW identity – including you, AJ, all the Anoni…..etc. That’s why we come here, or at lest that’s why I come here, to see and read all the different reader opinions and takes…. that’s what makes the world go round.

          PS: I am shallow. What can I say.
          PPS: How do I misrepresent your actual quote? I didn’t make up what you said.

          Just saying………………..I still love you but…..

        • Walt

          I don’t watch the videos. How is that a slight? I can’t. Why do you take that as I am insulting anyone? I didn’t mean it as a slur. I think when I mean to offend, I am pretty clear on it. I read 99.99% of the posts as well. Except when it is the retard posting as a retard. Those I skip. When he posts under his other numerous aliases, I read them and waste my time. That is what bothers me.

          So because I am at work, and chose to protect my children, what exactly do you have a problem with me not watching videos on this blog?

        • AJ

          How does not watching videos protect your children? And I thought your children were all grown up.

        • Walt

          Dude –

          I am trying. I really am. BUT JESUS H. CHRIST!! He asks me shit like this?

          “How does not watching videos protect your children”? Really? He is REALLY as dumb as he seems? I am trying to stop. I don’t want to fight with the retard. But this one is too hard for him to figure out? REALLY?

          I am not trying to be difficult, but ANY RETARD should understand this.
          And if YOU don’t understand my frustration, and understand I am trying to stop this nonsense, you disappoint me as much as EOSr.

          I mean really?
          Your Pal,

        • housecat

          In fairness to Walt, I wasn’t about to have a “teachable moment” with the offspring by playing the Dickens Cider vid, either.

        • AJ

          There’s a straw man argument if I ever saw one.

          Let’s assume I’m stupid and don’t understand how clicking on a video on this blog, something that has never caused anyone problems in the history of this blog, puts your children or anybody else’s children at risk.

          I think your “protecting your children” statement is complete and utter nonsense. So please EXPLAIN because I’m sure that I’m not the only one perplexed by your statement.

        • Walt

          Sure. It’s a really easy explanation. Which everyone but you knows. You are a fucking retard. Now do you understand?

        • AJ

          Another straw man. How about a straight answer.

          If you’re who you pretend to be, your children are all grown up. And work? What work? Again, if you’re who you pretend to be, your business went down with the SS Madoff.

          And, if you’re “working,” how can your “children” be reading the FWIW blog? Children’s attention span, assuming you have young children, for this sort of blog would be about 0 minutes and 0 seconds before they ran off to do something else. What you are saying makes absolutely no sense.

          So again, how does not clicking on the videos on this blog protect your children? Enquiring minds want to know.

        • Walt

          Dude –
          Even you, the dimmest bulb in the socket, the dullest knife in the drawer, have to be stunned by this. CAN YOU PLEASE CLUE YOUR RETARD IN? I have already tried, but he doesn’t believe me.

          AND YES!! He is your retard. You own him!!!

          Your Pal,

        • AJ

          But you have only adult children unless you are an impostor.

        • housecat

          AJ, in order to hear the video, you have to have the sound on your phone turned up (or at least I do). I figured the Dickens Cider gem would probably include some stuff the kids are about ten years away from being able to hear. I do like Chris’s stuff, and I’ll watch when I can – but it’s also hard to find a block of uninterrupted time to do it. Like now – gotta run again. Guten Abend, kiddies!

        • Walt

          Get over myself on what, exactly? That I don’t watch videos? As for the retard, I am trying to get out of it. BUT JUST WHEN I THINK I AM OUT< HE KEEPS DRAGGING ME BACK IN!

          And if you think I need to get over myself, well just look in a mirror. And scream Haus Frau. You disappoint me.

        • Walt

          “but I do see it as being disrespectful to CF’s fan base”. Really? That is disrespectful? I think Chris is GREAT!! For you to imply otherwise is pure propaganda AND A LIE!!

          To say I find this comment ignorant, shortsighted and biased is to be kind to you. I will leave it at that EOSr. Because I like you. But your comment is 100% off base. Totally wrong. And out of character for you. I remain disappointed.

        • Anonymous

          Walt. I am soooooo depressed. I just found out that all the videos I have specifically posted for your enjoyment were never looked at.

      • hey EOS, it’s all good. i realize that linking a video is a rather cheap way to make a comment, versus a well reasoned, written dissertation on the topic at hand. but, #1: i am extremely lazy and #2: there are some really creative people out there that can make a powerful and/or entertaining point in a three minute video that would take me all day to replicate in words. at the end of the day, if this is my lot, so be it:

        • Walt

          Linking a video is fine. And you do a great job with them The fact that I can’t watch them all, for reasons previously explained, which is beyond even a retards comprehension, is beyond me. CARRY ON!!

        • chris, you made my point for me. Videos, yours particularly and famously, are incredible additions to the post they sit in. In many cases, a great video clip is a better way to make a point versus listening to readers like me drone on (which I do).

          Walt (and housecat) My beef with Walt isn’t about the Dickens cider video (truth be told, I didn’t watch that either because I’d never seen a comment from Anun before) – the beef is about blogging in general – that it is by its nature very simply a gathering of readers who bring something they think adds to the conversation. Is it an insult or a slur you don’t click the videos? No, heavens, no, you take things over the top, but I do see it as being disrespectful to CF’s fan base.

          As for the feud with AJ, now THAT is so over-the-top unbearable that one more thread that contains your AJ-Anon rants, I’ll bail on FWIW. Idle threat, I know, most people here wouldn’t miss me, but geez Walt, get over yourself.
          End of my rant.

  14. Greenwich Gal

    I’ll miss you EOS! Don’t go anywhere….xoxox

  15. Greenwich Gal

    And Walt knows how I feel about him….

  16. Greenwich Gal

    For that matter AJ does, too, I think I was one of the first to get into a spat with that guy. Walt came to my defense. (My Hero.)
    But honestly – he isn’t worth dithering with. I just ignore him.

    • Walt

      I always knew you were smarter than me. You little minx.

    • AJ

      We never got in a spat GG, we just argued points and counter points. I never resorted to name calling, Mr. Low Brow’s first and last resort. Doubt me? Just look at Walt @ 12:48 above.

    • AJ

      So did you read it GG? Walt’s little 12:48–4:26 rant? Now tell me, how heroic is that? That’s your hero? Really?

      • Call It Like I See It

        I actually like both of you. Although, AJ, it is fun to tweak your nose sometimes (but not too hard). Therefore, I do wish both of you would try to find common ground more often. The bickering can be tiresome. Could it be that you secretly admire one another? Not in a homo way, of course. 🙂

        • AJ

          He just wants to fight with everyone, but Walt @12:48 is low. And Walt is going to slap Mickster all over the street? @ 4:26. Somehow I think it would take Mickster all of two seconds to hammer Walt into the ground. Walt does make a lot of noise though.

      • Greenwich Gal

        AJ – you made fun of me years ago! I remember it clearly!
        That’s ok – I guess I’m an easy target. But still – you post a great deal and I’m not sure anybody understands why or what exactly your agenda is.
        And yet – I’m not exactly sure what you have done to get under Walt’s skin but hey – you’re officially on his list.
        Here is my advice to you AJ, in all sincerity. It is impossible to be Walt. He has a gift. And an audience. He is a celebrity here, truly. Don’t even think you can compete. Just sit back and enjoy. He’s my hero because he is hilarious, albeit full of %$#@ and I adore him. Smart and funny gets me every time. He is probably some old man, blogging on his grimy La-Z-Boy and I still love him.
        So – make your point and make it succinctly Be honest and don’t fake personas. Calm down and enjoy the back and forth without trying to be the star here. AND – Brevity is the soul of wit. I think Mark Twain said that.
        I’m rooting for you!

        • AJ

          I wouldn’t presume to tell you who you should like or what you should read, although might I suggest today’s post on my blog about why immortality or extended life is a really bad idea. However, I think Walt @ 12:48, whoever he may be, is the real deal — the true inner Walt? As he likes to say, he posted it, he owns it.

  17. Anonymous

    rooting for you walt. Take the gloves off and light them up. Especially aj.

  18. anonymous


    Bernie and the rest of those hippy jews in Vermont are all ready to import the folks that will be more than happy to slit their throats. This will end in tears.

    • housecat

      Let me sum you up in a few sentences so you can stop posting the same old crap:
      You really don’t like blacks, Mexicans, Jews, or anyone who couldn’t be a Klan member, and you just can’t wait for the Revolution to start. Oh, and apparently it’s starting this summer. Thanks for the heads-up. Now go away.

  19. Anonymous

    Vineyard Vines getting ready for an IPO?

  20. Anonymous

    It’s a shame that what was a great blog with really insightful, intelligent, and funny reader commentary has turned into a complete shitfeast. You guys are really beginning to smell this place up.

  21. Thanks for the help up, Ted!

  22. peg

    And then – there is this.


    Of course, it can’t happen here. Right?