Price cuts


42 Mooreland Rd

Joe Bennati’s (Ex-Antares wunderkind, now NYC wannabe developer embroiled in a failed condo project) wife’s place at 42 Mooreland Road has been cut again, to $18 million; it started at $26 million in 2012 (a price I laughed at back then, and predicted it would sell for less than half that. Good thing, four years on, that I said “less than” half that). The town assesses it (100% value) at $9,782,100, and taxes it $77,000, but I think the new owner, whenever he turns up, can probably get that reduced to what he actually ends up paying for it. That may be a long time from now.

mooreland stairwell

Isn’t this exactly the staircase you’d expect Joe Beninati to order?

27 Doverton Drive, built by the rather dreadful Mark Marini and priced by him at $11.750 in 2007, finally sold to its present owner in 2012 for $8.1 million. He, in turn, has been trying to sell it for the past year or so, and has today reduced it to $7.250. I can see no reason why anyone should buy a Mariani house, at any price, but that’s just me.

doverton stair

And here’s “The Mariani Stair”

mooreland pool

And the standard edition “Mariani Checkerboard” pool surround.

By the way, as anyone seen our lawnmower guy-turned-developer lately? I haven’t heard of any new projects, and someone told me he closed his Armonk nursery cum coffee shoppe last year. Many of his spec projects sat for years before they finally sold, and I wondered how he could keep that up. His buying a pair of private jets probably didn’t help his bottom line, either.

16 Hedgerow Lane

16 Hedgerow Lane

16 Hedgerow Lane, which started at $4.8 million in 2014, is now asking $3.695. Its style seems currently to be unpopular in Greenwich, but it’s quite a nice house, solidly built. For some reason, houses in this neighborhood don’t command high prices, and I’m not sure why – the homes are nice, the streets quiet, and it’s a quick jaunt down Lake Avenue to town. All of that’s not enough, oddly.


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22 responses to “Price cuts

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    Having had to cut way too many a lawn in my pre-pube adolescence, that checkerboard pool pattern makes me want to bitch slap him into oblivion.

    Is that a swimming pool or a reflection pool? If it’s a swimming pool, it’s not wide enough. If it’s a reflection pool, he needs to be burned at the stake.


    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    Doverton looks nice. Not sure why there’s a stone wall in the kitchen, though… is the weird little recess supposed to be the Mouth of Truth?

    • Doverton looks exactly like every other Mariani house, and who wants to live in a house that’s been duplicated all over town?

      • Anonymous

        I must have been responding to the absence of corpse-colored walls.

        • there is picture of a horse at the end of the mariani – doverton listing. Why? Is it a property one can have horses at?

          • Doverton was carved out of the old Sabine Farm, and there’s still a meadow that’s protected from development abutting Round Hill, where occasional a couple of horses can be spotted. I don’t think a Doverton resident can do anything with those horses but gaze upon them, but I’ve never asked). In any event, there is certainly no stable on the grounds of this house.

  3. Guest

    Hedgerow is not accessible easily. Hence price discount.

  4. Confucius say, “You can’t polish turd, but you can roll it in glitter”

  5. I don’t get it. “The big apple in my eye is really a peach” says what, exactly, about this house or why you should buy it? I hope Douglas Ellerman didn’t charge the seller extra for the production of this marketing tool.

  6. Mickster

    You seem to have screwed up the Moreland link

  7. Ex Gatefield drive kid

    Ah 16 hegderow Lane. The Carinos place. Scott Carino and Bill Simmons, from ESPN and now HBO, use to be good friends. Bill still talk about him as the doctor.

    Great street back in the eighties and nineties when there were almost a hundred kids living in the area. That why they put up the gates so the workers building the new houses wouldn’t run over all the kids on bikes.

    John Galanis and Vince McMahon lived on either side.

  8. I don’t know what’s wrong with me – – I’m not a big house person – – but I like that Moreland Road house. If you want a house that says “I am very very rich” that fits the bill. I love the hedgerow house – every room is interesting. Hard to believe that’s built in the 70’s. Screaming deal at this price.

    • Well, think about the character who built Mooteland: he isn’t rich , he’s a boy from the Bronx who pretended to be rich until he couldn’t. I think it’s the perfect house for someone like him, but that’s not you.

      • Flash

        Antares acted like lottery winners, rich till they were not.
        The Mooreland house is not gaudy overkill, but the architectural design always looks out of place with snow on the cotta tile roof.

        • Maybe that’s why the video sound track of the place emphasized a tropical climate – if yu deny reality hard enough, it becomes the truth! Must have been filmed by liberal.

  9. Cos Cob Patriot

    Doverton: The entire forested area (Fisher Woods) Behind the house between Doverton Rd and the Merritt has been approved for subdivision. The last time I saw it last year they were laying out the roadways.

    Sabine field is owned by the Greenwich Land Trust. The Fisher family has the right to pasture horses there.

    Mariani: Earlier this year he was landscaping both sides of the Indian Springs Road.

  10. Don

    I like the Hedgerow house.