Cat Rock contract

164 Cat Rock

164 Cat Rock Road

164 Cat Rock, to be precise, asking $2.495 million. It went in less than 40 days so presumably it will be selling for something close to that. The owners paid $1,888,700 (go figure) in 2013, then pretty much transformed it, adding 400 feet and really redoing the interior to very nice space. I hope they made some money here, but there was certainly a good deal of money put into it. Very nice. Pictures below are what it looked like in 2013. go to the link to see what it looks like today.



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2 responses to “Cat Rock contract

  1. anonymous

    They won’t be making a whole lot of money. If they transformed the house as you describe, it had to cost them, $200k? That puts them all in for $2.1. If they sell at $2.4, take away the 6% commission off the top, $140+, that leaves them $2.2 to take home. Better than losing money but not a financial home run.

    • I didn’t say they were making money, I just expressed the hope that they did, because they did a nice job on the house, and, just as a fellow human, I like to see good efforts rewarded.
      Still, as I’ve always suggested on this blog, you should spend (significant) money on improvements only if you intend to stick around long enough to enjoy them, because you usually don’t recoup the cost.