Never listed, Andrew Madoff’s Tomac Avenue home sells

57 Tomac

57 Tomac Avenue

57 Tomac Avenue, $1.435 million, in-house sale at Hooligan & Lawyers. Mother Ruth had been camping out here (that’s her hauling trash down the driveway, below), but she bought a condo at Old Greenwich Gables, and moved.

Ruth Madoff trash

Ruth Madoff. Not quite champagne in Montauk, but there it is

In the meantime, Walter Noel, $800 million richer thanks to Ruth’s husband’s efforts, not only remains out of jail,he’s still up at 175 Round Hill Road, when he’s not jetting about the globe.

Walter Noel

Heh heh heh



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34 responses to “Never listed, Andrew Madoff’s Tomac Avenue home sells

  1. Anonymous

    Karma will one day rear its ugly head on the Noel family.

  2. Your blog did a good job of making him infamous so everyone recognizes him as that “scum.”

  3. But before it does, they continue to live like plutocrats and all the principled WASPs, who would never consort with a 7-11 stickup man, act like it never happened.

  4. Not Saying

    There has been a demolition sign on the Madoff house for over a week now.

  5. Mickster🍀🍀🍀

    Last I read is that Picard had $11B+ recouped and $9B+ paid back to victims of the $17B ponzi scheme. So many victims will do “ok”. I have a gut feeling Walt above had to give over a lot of his gains to stay out of jail.

    • AJ

      But are the infamous “scum” Walt and the FWIW Walt one in the same? FWIW Walt has alluded that he is “scum” Walt but will not directly admit it. Only his hairdresser knows for sure, and he ain’t talkin’.

    • Mickster — Walt and his partners paid a very small settlement in a private civil case, about 10% of the “fees” they “earned” for selling the Madoff Ponzi scheme, if memory serves. And they were never even charged criminally, as they should have been. In a better world, this greedy thief and his obnoxious family would be shunned.

      • Anon

        In fact while they have not been “shunned”, they are persona non-grata in their former circles, and they know it, which gives some small satisfaction.

      • AJ

        Don’t these sort of funds usually have annual reports listing what the fund is invested in?

        • Walt

          No they don’t you dumb fuck. They are private placements, not public companies. And everyone knew they were invested in Bernie. So other than the fact you are a LCDMPOCD retard, why is that question relevant to anything? I think calling you a retard may actually be a compliment.

          • Walt

            Dude –
            And that is ON TOPIC!! So don’t be getting all pissy on me. Although you do pissy very, very, well.
            Your Pal,

          • AJ

            I’m not the one who lost seven billion dollars. So just what did you think Bernie was invested in?

          • Walt

            Dude –

            I’m not? How do you know that? When did this happen? WHY WASN’T I CONSULTED?

            He is deranged Dude. And a LCDMPOCDR.
            You know I am right.

            Your Pal,

        • Walt

          It was $7.5 billion, actually. And I didn’t lose anything!! It was OPM. I was in T-bills. As a senior citizen, I am to old to invest in an alternative investment vehicle. I don’t even know what those are.

          • AJ

            Well, no sweat off your back then ’cause OPM doesn’t count. Odd that you didn’t buy at least some of what you were selling with Bernie offering such solid and consistent returns. And all that scrupulous touted due diligence you did; just what did it reveal?

          • AJ, do you realize that you’re writing to a person who is not the real Walter Noel? Are you still in touch with reality?
            Just wondering.

          • Walt

            POSTED IN THE WRONG PLACE!! Response to you Dude.

          • Libertarian Advocate

            What? No bespoke tranche investment opportunities for you Walt?

      • Anonymous

        Do you think a sociopath lifetime con like Walter Noel cares about being shunned? Doubt it. He got his, jack, and the jokes on the rest of you’s.

        One can only hope that the wrong wronged client will have their day.

    • Anonymous

      That is true but it ignores interest received. If you had money in for 15 years they considered annual dividends paid against your principal balance.

  6. AJ

    Pussyfoot used to live in that house back in the early sixties. He was known as Pussyfoot because his feet were so large that he could walk on top of the snow when everyone else fell through, sort of like natural snowshoes. He was also know as Matayo, which is Pussyfoot in Cuban, or, at least, that was word on the street.

    • Walt

      Thanks for sharing that. And proving my point.

      • AJ

        So, I guess “scum” Walt and FWIW Walt are one and the same, the guy who parked all his money in T-bills when he could have invested at least part of it in a high-yield sure thing.

        • Walt

          Can you tell us more about Pussyfoot? Did he like being called Pussyfoot? Just how big were his feet? Why didn’t you call him Sasquatch? Which as you know, was created by the Government when they gave monkeys some bad medicine when they were inventing sickle cell anemia to kill off all the Negro’s. Which is Cuban for black, right?

          And why Matayo? There is no such thing as “Pussyfoot in Cuban”!! What is Cuban? It’s a country. THEY SPEAK SPANISH YOU DUMB FUCK!! NOT CUBAN!

          You are an authority on everything, but don’t understand the basics. Truly pathetic. Maybe we should speak Venezuelan? Or Rio De Janeiro? You really are a LCDMPOCDR!!

          Do you have any other stories from the 1960’s which have nothing to do with anything, that no one but you understands, and which you totally fuck up, that you can share with us? You can post them speaking Albany if you want.

  7. Walter has never been convicted….I have heard that a lot, but….Either he knew that the Madoff operation was a Ponzi scheme or he didn’t. If he did, then he is a crook. If he didn’t, then he was getting paid 2% and 20% for vetting Madoff’s operations. So, if he didn’t know he got paid one hell of a lot of money and TOTALLY failed to do his job. That makes him a total idiot given that even with a dollop of work the Madoff criminal operation would have been uncovered. In addition, if he had any scruples, he would have given all of the money back to his clients for failing to do his job. He did not, which makes him complete and total scum. This view also applies to his children who have continued to live in a grand fashion off of money that was at best ill-gotten. And yet, they are still here, living better than virtually anyone else in this town with little in the way of repercussions. “Town and Country” once wrote that his daughters were putting the Hilton sisters to shame. Ironically, it is now the Hiltons who should be ashamed to be seen with the Noels.