At long last love, on Lindsay Lane

29 Lindsay

29 Lindsay

29 Lindsay reports a pending sale. Current asking price, $3.995. 2007 asking price, $5.2 million. Lots of on the market periods over those 9 years, interspersed with rentals (at $15,000, so no real harm here). The town appraises the land at $3 million, the building at $1.4, and for a 1967 house, that sounds about right.

It’s a good looking house, on a good street. If the owners hadn’t stuck so far to their $5.2-$4.9 range, it would have sold long ago. I suppose the rental income encouraged them to hold fast, until it didn’t.

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One response to “At long last love, on Lindsay Lane

  1. On the positive side: Garaging done right!
    On the negative side: No senses indulged when poolscape viewed.